Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Little red dresses

I had stopped at a walkway along the harbour to take pictures of the girls. While Matt was away I started sewing again. I had finished matching outfits for the girls and decided that they needed to have their pictures taken! I'm thinking these, or others taken in these dresses, will be our Christmas photo.

IMG_5739 copy

She's such a cutie.

Christmas dresses were always so much fun in the US, because they were just plain adorable. The velvets, the lace, the plaids. But it's summer here, during Christmas, so the dresses available in the US just aren't practical. So these are the official Christmas dresses this year.
IMG_5772 copy

The hearts just begged to be added...

IMG_5742 copy

That's Mt. Maunganui in the background. [Mong like Wrong, uh, new, ee]

IMG_5719 copy

I should have taken them out on a cloudy day, it wasn't good light that day. But they're cute, so it's okay!

from the side of the van

I love this! It never occurred to me before, but since we have darkened side windows on our van, it's a really good reflection. As I was popping the girls back in their carseats, I saw an oppurtunity and took it. :) I like the way it turned out.


  1. Those dresses are too cute!! =) Well not as cute as the girls in them but still cute!

    Have a wonderful day!

  2. Aww, your girls are always sooo cute!! And the dresses are exquisite!! :) Well done!

  3. Those are adorable dresses! (and girls!) My dad grew up in Papua New Guinea and Australia and always told us about how he'd go to the beach for Christmas. It sounds like fun for a change, but I think it would be weird all the time.

  4. You did well! I'm getting my girls their Christmas dresses now... Amy's is here, and I just have to get Beth's off eBay. The toughie is finding nice red shirts for the boys :)

  5. Good sewing Momma..too cute!! Love your picture at the end too!!

  6. Oh Susie, the dresses are beautiful! And of course the girls are sooo cute. You did a wonderful job.

    Mom Sams

  7. I just love these cute little girls of yours in their Christmas dresses... and you have to wear dresses suitable for the weather... hello.

    Yep I am that Mom and Grammy too...

    Sorry I haven't commented for awhile and wanted you to know my schedule should be back to normal. I did not drop off the edge of the blogosphere.