Wednesday, November 4, 2009

That Mom

Are you THAT Mom?

I'm THAT Mom. I can't be sure whether I am proud of my status, or if I am simply comfortable with my title.

But that truth of the matter is that I am.

I'm THAT Mom ....

*...who washes out ziploc bags and reuses them until they have holes in them.

*...who puts unfinished baby food in the fridge and reheats it

*...who cuts the bad spots out of apples and put them in the fridge for "cutting up apples".

*...who hands her kid a lunchbox full of veges and fruit when other kids are eating stuff in plastic/foil wrappers. [Hey, she ate pear, carrot, celery, and caulifower! She only cared that I was eating chocolate cake, which I shared FYI.]

*...who reuses her tea bags sometimes. - I am my mother. I am my mother. I am my mother. -

*...who finds Facebook, a cup of coffee, a piece of chocolate, and 30 minutes peace absolute bliss!

*...who takes laundry off the line at 10:30pm because I forgot to do it 6 hours earlier.

*...who hunted desperate for the cordless phone this week. It rang into the answering machine before I found it. The caller hung up on the answering machine, so I hit the "find" button and started listening for it again. I found it .... on the hook ... ** Oh yeah ladies, I was hunting for a phone that was ON THE HOOK! ** Clearly I have lost my mind. And my eyeballs, apparently.

*...who gave up trying to feed the baby pumpkin and oats tonight after she repeatedly spit it at Matt and I, and instead gave her applesauce. When I realized the applesauce was being accepted readily, I stirred some of the denied pumpkin and oats into the applesauce. Hehehe. Never mind that the pumpkin concoction already had applesauce in it to make it more pleasing. I guess she'll just live on apples.

*...who gets into cleaning fits once in a grand while. It usually ends well. Who am I kidding, cleaning fits always end with something being clean - so they always end well. :) Right now my kitchen gleams! [We shall not discuss the remainder of the house though...]

*...who sincerely means it when I say, "If there was a fire, my family was out, and I had a chance to grab 3 things before I left the house, I would take my external hard drive, Joshua's ashes, and his hand/foot prints." [I often ponder why I would save Joshua's ashes from being burned, since that seems ironic to me. But I think it's as though he's there, so I couldn't leave him. On that strange note, when we leave for an extended time away, I insist that we put Joshua's ashes, the external hard drives - every family photo since 2005 - and his keepsakes in the fire-proof lock box.]

*... Are you that mom? Leave your THAT's in the comments!


  1. I'm that WOMAN on almost all of those! Especially anything having to do with thinking or cleaning or saving money or time on my hands! This is not encouraging me to have kids any time soon! Of course that's not all your fault, I have two little things called in-laws discouraging that as well!

  2. I don't know if I'm ready to admit my "that mom-ness" yet, although if reheating a cold pot of coffee from *ahem* yesterday because I didn't want to waste it is any indication of my status....

    On Joshua's ashes - I can understand that. I remember feeling awful for my BIL & his wife when they moved from California to Oklahoma, because their little girl is buried in California. I kept thinking, "But they had to leave her behind..."

  3. *...No matter how stupid the situation is in a movie (think Independence Day, 2012, etc.) I try to figure out what I would do to keep my child safe.


  4. Although we live oceans apart and the only relationships we share are Adam and Christ, I must somehow be your twin! I am THAT mother on all counts!

  5. I am totally & completely OCD on a zillion things and I recognize many of these items. But I do *not* wash out the ziploc bags. Mostly b/c my mom does that & it drives me nuts to see ziploc bags hanging all over her kitchen (in various states of drying) not to mention foil in the sink, waiting to be washed (& reused). LOL!

  6. Well, I'm not a Mom, but sometimes I think I might be turning into my Mom because I do things I used to make fun of her for.

    Such as washing ziploc bags...

  7. LOVE IT!!!! You crack me up!!! hehe

  8. meee too...:) All of it but the ziplocs...every single other one, plus more :)

  9. Ahhh...the good old days. I used to be THAT mom. But I've aged so well. Now I'm the mom who won't let her 13 year old daughter wear a shirt that shows her belly to school. I'm the mom who makes said daughter go to bed by 9:30 on a school night. I'm the mom who tells all her daughters, 13, 11, and 9 year olds, to watch their tone of voice...right in front of their friends. My 13 year old threatened to call DCFS (child welfare agency in my state) on me tonight. I had the nerve to nearly cut her arm off when turning around with a butter knife in my hand as she stole a piece of garlic bread over my shoulder. Gee...I hope they don't haul her away ;-)

  10. I am THAT mom who guilts herself about *not* washing out and reusing the Ziplocs! :)

  11. i love this Susie! Brilliant! You've inspired me, I might do a post just like it if that's okay. :)