Monday, November 2, 2009

Bee Sting

IMG_5703 copy

bee sting

Poor Oceana...

Nana took her to the park on Saturday afternoon to play. This girl is in love with the park - it could keep her entertained all day, every day. She's also a fan of the no-shoes approach. But since Saturday it's been really easy to get her to keep her shoes on, or put them back on if she has a lapse in her memory.

Apparently Oceana jumped down off the jungle gym and landed in bark. We're pretty sure she must have jumped onto a bee, because her foot got splotchy and she cried and cried. Mom said she stopped for a little while, but then started up again. That sort of behaviour makes me pretty positive it was a bee sting. Dude, I've had bee stings - that's some serious pain over something so small!

Nana to the rescue though: With Naomi crying and Oceana adding her woes to the situation, Nana whipped up the bee sting remedy. Ever put baking soda and water paste on a bee sting? Apparently the baking soda helps draw out the poison and take some of the pain away. We came back to get the girls and Daddy got to hang out on the couch with Oceana while she took care of herself. It looked more like finger-painting-with-glue, but whatever works! Nana'd recently taken a first aid course and knew not to pinch the stinger out, but instead scrape (as painful as it sounds) across the foot with her nail to swipe it out. Apparently if you squeeze it, you can force more poison into the wound. Just passing on the sage wisdom of my Momma!

PS. I'm not a bad Mom for taking pictures of my girl - Daddy was doing a great job!


  1. Poor girl! I've stepped on a bee's nest before and it isn't any fun at all! (I rarely wear shoes :) )

    The baking soda does help, a lot. I think the worst part is how is itches over the following few days. I've been stung so many stinkin' times...ugg. I really feel for her.


  2. Oceana looks beautiful, and more inquisitive and courageous than upset. :) Good idea to let her help herself with the fix.

  3. poor girl, those things do hurt horribly bad, and your mom was so right always scrape never squeeze, you can even runn the back side of a butter knife over the sting to get the stinger out

  4. I took pictures of Dillon after his first bee sting too. Glad I'm not the only crazy one, haha.
    Strangely enough, my Mother was visiting at the time and she dove right in to the rescue too. Arent grandma's great? :)