Thursday, October 15, 2009

6 months old

IMG_5310 copy

We're crawling over here. And sitting. And chewing with two teeth.

IMG_5328 copy

Time flies when you're having fun.

[Forehad boo-boo resulted from Oceana trying to move the chair Naomi's booster/high chair was strapped to. The whole chair fell over sideways into a bookshelf. Besides my heart attack, all is well. Just her first blood.]

IMG_5319 copy

I put her on her tummy one day while I was hanging up laundry. I turned back around and she was sitting up.

PS. Her facial expression... Where does she get that!?!?! Too funny!


Matt left last night for Indonesia with the DTS. He's gone for 2 weeks. It was originally supposed to be 3.5 weeks, so 2 weeks seems like a walk in the park. :) We're missing him, but doing well.


  1. Such a cutie!! Love her face in the pictures too :)

  2. Your little Naomi is such a beautiful baby! That expression in the last photo cracked me up! What a silly baby she is.

    Hope the two weeks FLY!


  3. I have been kinda busy... and I clicked over to your post about six months... and my first thought was NO WAY! But I guess its true. Time goes by way to fast.


  4. Oh look how beautiful she is! I was just thinking that she turned 6 months a few days ago. It is going fast...hope the next two weeks goes as fast for you. We will be praying for you as well as for Matt and the group. Love you sweetie!

    Mom Sams

  5. Aww, gorgeous photos! haha Naomi's expressions are priceless!!

  6. That facial expression is priceless!

  7. Two weeks with hubby gone is hard. Larry went to Romania last year for 2 weeks on a mission trip & it just about killed me. I'm praying for you!

  8. oh my is she adorable! How could she be six months already!!!


  9. That face is too funny! I can't believe she's 6 months already!!

  10. adorable! my middle was baldest for the longest time, now he has the blondest hair.

    heres hoping your two weeks go by rather uneventfully, from one geographically single mom to the next. : )