Thursday, October 15, 2009

IMG_5271 copy

IMG_5271 copy, originally uploaded by mnssams.

Photog friends, why is this darker on Flickr than in my PSE? Exposure seems much darker online. I changed my color format in PSE recently, is this the culprit? I think I changed it to optimize photo print settings, rather than computer screens. ???


  1. I have no idea why but it is a gorgeous picture of your gorgeous babe...
    Hope someone can answer your question.

  2. Is your monitor calibrated? Are you using a color aware browser such as Firefox? Either or these could affect it.

  3. When I look at this photo it is like I could reach out and touch your baby girl.


  4. Same thing happens here... If you view it in windows picture viewer it looks horrible and in my Photoshop it looks fine... In order to KNOW your picture will look how you want it to when you print it you can buy a monitor callibrator online for a reasonable price and it seems to have helped me out... The one I bought is a Pantone huey... Not sure if I helped you at all :)

  5. I have no answer for you.. I just need to comment on how BEAUTIFUL Naomi is!! And laugh at the drool dripping from her chin, that's what Sophie looks like 90% of the time lately too!!

  6. I know this comment is kinda pointless since I have no help to offer, but this has happened to me before, and then stopped happening for reasons i don't know... it's annoying. but i this elisha's suggestion for a monitor calibrator seems like something to try out. I haven't had need for it but would be willing to try it if i had the problem again...