Friday, October 16, 2009

Not one to enter giveaways...


A $200 Best Buys gift card would really be awesome come Christmastime since Matt's a technology freak!

And Angie @ Bring The Rain [Audrey Caroline's Momma - T18] is giving it away because Samsung gave her a new washer and dryer.Go read her crack-up post about her new family members!

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  1. I was here this morning but for some reason my comment never posted.. Hmmm who knows. Google I am sure.
    I wanted to say thanks for the link to Angie's giveaway page. I have followed her blog but somehow never made it to the giveaway and review page.
    I blogged about it on my blog and also did a little link to your amazing blog..
    check it out here if you get time..

    Have a great day with the girls.. Enjoy!