Friday, October 16, 2009

Conversations with a 3-year-old

IMG_5316 copy

Oceana: Momma, can I go play with 'dem?

Momma: No, sweetie [looking over to see 10 teenage boys playing rugby] those are big boys. You can't play with the big boys.

Oceana: Oh. Ok. I'm not a big boy yet...


Oceana: Mum?

Momma: Mmhmmm?

Oceana: Talk to me Mum, don't say 'Mhmmm.'!


Oceana: Mum?

Momma: Mhmmm? [from the other room while doing dishes]

Oceana: Look at me which you eyes Mum!


Oceana: Way'wz Daddy?

Momma: Where's Daddy Oceana?

Oceana: In-toe-knee-sha! [Indonesia]


Oceana: Poop! [I think it's meant to be Pop! While pulling the wand out of my lipgloss]

Naomi: *Giggling*

Oceana: Poop!


Lather, rinse, repeat!


  1. You know my four year old doesnt like it when i say mmmmm either. I must answer with a yes and look at him. He doesnt get that this cant happen while driving.

  2. Hehehehe! How long did the lipgloss wand entertain them for? :)

  3. Conversations with kids are the best kind... and funny too.


  4. Too funny!!! I love conversations with the kiddos.. I have them everyday with the daycare kiddos.
    The other day Chubba said to me... " You know what I took a bite out of that Bikini... cuz I thought it was a cucumber it wasn't it was Yucky" Me.. HUH!!!! oh.. Bikini.. equals Zucchinni.. got ya now buddy... Too much fun!

  5. I love those kinds of conversations!