Monday, August 31, 2009

Uncle Dahvede giving kisses

Uncle Dahvede giving kisses, originally uploaded by mnssams.

Uncle Dahvede (Dah - veed, his parent's way of ensuring it would be pronounced the Hebrew way) isn't quite uncle yet. But as of 1pm on Saturday, he will be!

He's already an uncle though. He's been around for 3 years, most of the time Oceana's been alive actually. He met her as a bundle of 3 month old cuteness.

So here's to "wedding week". It's full of table runners, rose petals, building floral arrangements, lists and lists and lists of lists, ironing, parties, dinners, and lots of family.

My (adopted) sister Melody is somewhere between DC and LA right now, with her friend Shelly, her 2.5 year old son Jacob, and my 83[?] year old grandmother. They'll be her tomorrow morning. Dahvede's family gets to town in a few hours, and Havie's friend Bethany arrived yesterday.

In the meantime, I'm trying not to lose it over immigration. I started getting a certfiicate to prove that Matt went to a school taught in English (do you see why I'm losing it??? He's an American who's got to prove his school in the USA was taught exclusively in English). But when I started doing that I realize I needed to also request a transcript to prove he'd attended there. I requested a copy of our trancripts several months ago, but I said I didn't need the offical copy - because at that point I didn't. Now I did. And I knew it was intake week at our university, so good luck getting some extra help because they're already bogged down with freshman who can't find the right classroom.

So we decided to try something else. Which meant contact another school, setting another meeting, and... Well, the saga continues.

Then I email our consultant and asked him a question. Unfortunately that answer changed everything I was doing regarding my offer of employment. Now I've got to be sponsored, and Matt's got to have a job offer. ARGGGGH! I already had the meeting with Personnel at Marine Reach to discuss my job offer (it's simply a way of sayig, "I have a job, even if it doesn't pay.").

Do you have any idea how complicated it is to prove that I make $36,000NZD a year - when I don't? Ha! Immigration insists we need to make that much. Well what happens when you don't?!?!?

And it's wedding week.

Where's the ice cream? Oh no, wait! I have nursing thrush again and am close to the same pain level I was at when I first started breastfeeding Oceana! (Oceana had me bleeding for several weeks at the beginning). And did you know that thrush/yeast is fed by sugars? So no more sugar. Ha! Says I as I pop another Hershey kiss from Sarah @ It Might Seem Crazy But We Call It Life.

Mm... yes. And the baby puked on me again. Even though I took care to burp her and not jiggle her. She can't NOT puke.

Ba humbug?


  1. Oh Sus... what a week! Send the kiddies over here... I'll look after 'em ;) They'll just be another two to the hoard, so no worries *grin*

  2. Such a darling photo... she is loving those kisses.

    Nursing thrush sounds like a ball... almost as much fun as fighting immigration... or a visit to the dentist for multiple extractions.

    Try to enjoy the wedding and let the rest sit on the back burner.


  3. Ok, forgive me for the unsolicited advice, but have you tried rubbing vinegar on your nipples and around the area to get rid of the thrush. A lactation consultant gave me the advice once when I had it with my first born. Not sure if that or the meds helped more...but it's worth a shot, right? Just make sure you wash good after as then you'll be a stinky Mama! =)

  4. I've been an anonymous reader up until now, but I've had thrush TOO many times (probably around 20 between 4 babies) to not let you know what finally did the trick for me:

    I had to break down and just take a 2-week antiobiotic treatment to kick the infection (topical home and even Rx treatments weren't doing the trick, because the problem was an internal yeast imbalance). At the same time as starting that, I was told about a really powerful probiotic combination-- Probiotic Eleven by Nature's Sunshine-- that I started taking daily. I can promise you this: I have not had a single battle with thrush so long as I'm taking that probiotic daily. I ran out at one point about 6 months after a round of thrush and, sure enough, within a week we were fighting thrush again. That taught me my lesson! I don't skip it now, and I'm really hopeful that when baby #5 comes along (due mid-October), we won't have a single battle with thrush. Probiotic Eleven isn't cheap, but it's SO WORTH IT, in my opinion!

    Just thought I'd let you know, since it tooks YEARS of dealing with thrush before I ever heard about Probiotic Eleven and was able to finally find a long-term solution.

  5. Oh, you poor thing. I'm sorry you have such hard stuff going on - I hope everything gets worked out for you soon! The immigration people definitely wouldn't understand a certificate that says, "God provides all our needs", but it's always true. :)

  6. Oh Susie,

    Your life sounds wonderful. Busy, beautiful children, great husband, and living for the Lord each day. I remember the days of nursing and thrush and puking babies. (my sister had twin girls and we had 4 diaper bags when we went ANYWHERE. One for each of them and a change of clothes for us. lololol) That was 27 years ago and take it from me, that was when I had the time of my life. Never a dull moment. A wedding, family, friends.... flower girls.... I can't wait to see pictures. :) Forgive me, but I don't think I would like the red tape of immigration either. Yuck!

    Enjoy your week with everything for the wedding. As far as the thrush..... Meds and wash, wash, wash.... and rinse very well, your nipples and inside her mouth.....(just a wet wash cloth with nothing on it for her).

    God Bless and enjoy life.

    My prayers are with you in your endeavors.

    Sonja - Fl

  7. Another thrush unsolicited advice moment. Are you and Naomi getting it at the same time or going back and forth? My aunt told me about a friend who came to her for help because they were going back and forth and she was the first one to suggest they both needed the medication at the same time to get rid of it completely. So, when her LO came down with thrush again she took the meds as well and it stopped.

  8. Oh my goodness - look at those curls :o)