Thursday, August 27, 2009

Honest Mommy Moment

IMG_4538 copy, originally uploaded by mnssams.


Naomi screams. She is very happy - while she's happy. But when she's no longer happy - she screams. And when she starts screaming she doesn't stop screaming. If you let her scream for "too long" (an undetermined amount of time) she will not settle down even if you do pick her up. She will then scream hysterically off and on for at least 20-30 minutes.

So a lot of the time you'll see me looking like this - obviously working on something else, but keep the status quo by jiggling her with one hand.

It's not exactly conducive to laundry, dishes, picking up, wiping bottoms, or putting DVDs on. (Ahem...)

But it's how we do things around here. Yes, I do wear her in the Moby around the house, but sometimes that takes "too long" and I get distracted. A lot of the time you'll find me jiggling her just so...


  1. Oh, dear. I'm sorry she's such a screamer. My little guy was a screamer, too. :( I'm glad you're wearing her some, if you could get a good back carry going, that might be easier for housework, and more comfortable. :( Hope she starts enjoying being on her own soon!!!

  2. "And it came to pass..."
    Oh it is tricky for the moment, but the day will come when she wants down!.

  3. That was both of my kids. It's tough & yet honestly, I loved that my kids wanted me so near. Of course putting them down for things like showers & my own potty time was a little dicey but it never lasted all that long.

    Have fun & good luck!

  4. I have been there done that... it will not stay that way forever.


  5. Oh, she is growing some hair! How wonderful. I would love to give you a break if I could. Matt was constantly plagued with ear infections and always had to be held for comfort from the pain. So I can have sympathy. Hugs, kisses and love to you, Matt, Oceana and Naomi. Mom Sams

  6. My granddaughter does that. Even now that she's 3 yrs old once she starts to cry it will carry through for a little while, almost like a hysterical cry but yet not. I will say that it won't last forever, thank goodness!

  7. heyyy nice shirt, wink wink.... and its pink not purple, i'm getting better, lol. Cant wait to see you all!!

  8. OOOH imagine my surprise to click on your link and see my button! thanks for using it. I love me an honest mommy moment. It makes me feel better about letting my kids eat paper and stuff like that.

    My first was a screamer. Everynight from 4:30-6:30 you could set the clock by him. Oh and everytime I turned around too of course. I say earplugs. : )

  9. Wow! My own baby is 3m old and we live half a world away but our girls could be related! Seriously, there's a very specific kind of jiggle...a mom jiggle...that no one else can get quite right. :)