Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ships, Docks, Photoshop Elements 7, and some relief

The ship - the M/V Pacific Link - pulled alongside it's Sulfur Point dock home yesterday at 9am. We made it out to see her in - which was an adventure since it was Sunday and getting out the door to church by 10 is always a trip.... But we made it. Poor Oceana was really cold (we borrowed jackets, but she was less than thrilled) because it seemed like light cardigan weather when we left the house - it was cold and breezy in the harbor! Ooops.

What does this all mean? It means the ship is done with it's 2009 outreach season in Fiji. It also means the DTS (Matt's new position is DTS staff) is going to be onboard the ship now - which is just a 5-10 minute drive from our house. I could walk it (if I was brave) in just over an hour. Matt's (potentially) home more, and definitely closer by.

Also thought I'd show you the ship - she looks a bit dreary in these pictures. It gives you an idea why Oceana was cold, huh? Equate August to February weather where you are. (Well, without snow anyways).
M/V Pacific Link docking 8/23/2009

Of course, you also need to see the useable version of the picture. I'm learning - albeit slowly - in Photoshop Elements 7 (my 24th birthday present). It doesn't work very well to put a rusty ship on the front of a publication. Seafarers know that rust is a never ending job, but 'landlubbers' (LOL) don't appreciate rust. We get rid of our rust when we can. :) I'm pretty proud of my accomplishment. It also doesn't look nearly as depressing as before, don't you agree?M/V Pacific Link docking 8/23/2009 - adjusted


  1. That is the quickest paint job ever. Very nice :)
    Margo x

  2. O my goodness the second pic looks completely different. I hope you get your package we sent you soon!!!!!

  3. I'm really confused...what is Matt doing now? I re-read a post but I still don't get it. He does training but lives on the boat? If you have time (yeah...I know that's not likely) could you give us some more details? Thanks!! kara

  4. I think she's beautiful!!

    Ick on the winter weather.... the ONLY reason I am looking forward to winter is because I will get my husband back. That's the ONLY reason.

    Winter and I are not friends.


  5. Hmmm February weather...I live in Queensland, Australia and it is just a tad on the HOT side in Feb!! I guess most of your readers are from the northern hemisphere.


  6. As usual you have Aced.... It. :) The second pic looks awesome. I still want your camera. LOLOLOL I have the Photoshop elements but not a nice camera mine died some time ago and well....funds just aren't there for a camera right now. Everyone looks great. My prayers are with you in your quest of residency. God will prevail in his desrires for you,

    God Bless