Thursday, August 20, 2009

August 2009 Sams Family Newsletter

You can link to the Making Waves magazine here. As always, you can double click this photo to read it in a larger window.


  1. You are always so good to get your newletters out... I could take a lesson from you.


  2. Just a quick note. The zip code for Middletown, PA is have 17037 on the newsletter. It's all right on your blog. Wouldn't want much needed support to get sent to the wrong town.

  3. I saw your video on You Tube, and had a browse through your blog... Joshua was a gorgeous little boy, thank you for sharing him, you must be so proud. He was a little fighter to be with you for that time, I hope all the beautiful memories will help you through. Sending love from another mummy of an angel (my son Louis, age 2 days).xxxx