Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wishing for a RockStar

Not much to say. Having a hard time at the moment.

Matt's back from Matamata, but the school is still 20m or so away for the next week. He's gone a lot (we knew this when he got into it, but the implementation is rougher than I expected). There's a lot to do. and I'm not feeling capable.

Jessica was writing the other day about being an average housekeeper. Yeesh. I don't think I fall into the average area right now. Actually, I thought there aught to be a step between *finding a clean towel and *everything clean one day a week. ***ETA: Upon closer inspection, there is - "3--The dishes are clean, but stay out of the upstairs bath!" But since anything below 4 makes you a Messie - I guess I'll just happily accept my title. Okay, or not so happily.***

Ahem... coz you can find multiple clean towels here, but they may not be put away. And no, not everything gets cleaned once a week. And certainly not on the same DAY. But I'm better than I used to be.

I've been sewing a bit. Laundering a lot (and thus, hanging out, taking in, and folding -but not putting away too). Cooking meals (however scary corned beef, lentil, rice, pumpkin soup may be. don't judge, I cleared the fridge...). And i've been juggling.

And getting up early.

*Memo to my oldest daughter - "3am is not an acceptable time to get up three days in a row."*

*Memo to my youngest daughter - "It is not okay to puke on mommy at 5am. Coz she can't sleep in wet clothes. Especially when she's wedged between you and Oceana."*

Matt came home a bit ago with a RockStar energy drink. I'm jealous. Oh, I know those things probably rot you from the inside out, but when you're only getting 5 hours of interrupted sleep a night, a RockStar starts to look really good with it's promise of 151mg of caffeine per can. Coke has 46mg per 12oz. :D Sounds good to me. Except those rotting insides. But I can only imagine the sleepless night I'd have if I fed Naomi some of that because I had some. And anyways, those warning labels clearly state, "This product is not recommended for children, pregnant or lactating women, or people who are sensitive to caffeine." Eh. The chocolate chip cookies will have to suffice.

On the upside, the thrush *seems* to be gone. Thank goodness, because I couldn't take much more of that! Naomi has not settled down, but maybe it's just a "phase"? Let's hope so, because apparently no one else in the world is as good as Momma - so I've been holding a baby alllll the time!

It's 10pm, my laundry is scatted, my arms are tired, my dishes are dirty, but at least my floor is clean... Oh, as is my 3 year old. The baby - well, we'll work on that one tomorrow. Oh, and my laundry's still on the line, with a chance of rain tomorrow. Crap.

The work ain't finished yet. So byebye...


  1. I hear ya. I am tired and feeling rather un-capable here too.

    I have heard of those rockstar drinks... they skeer me. "Out of control" would probably be a good descriptor phrase, if I drank one! :)

    I hope that your world rights itself. that you get more sleep (that makes a huge difference, doesn't it!), and Matt can be home more.


  2. Girlfriend...
    NO wonder you are having a hard time. 3 am the last 3 days... and you have an infant and your hubby is back but still gone. I am sure you are doing what you can in the laundry and housekeeping dept. Juggling is tough... don't be hard on yourself. You are in the little kid phase and it doesn't last forever... I promise.

  3. Being a solo parent is draining isnt it?! I mean insanely so. But alas you'll make it thru, one sleepless, puke drenched night at a time. Hang in there!

  4. Ha ha ha PLEASE google or youtube "Hoarders" on A&E...you'll never feel bad about your house cleaning AGAIN! IT'S DISASTOROUS! ;-) And your littlest lady is getting so big I can't believe it!

  5. Oh, wow, it sounds like you're having a rough week - don't WORRY about the cleaning!!! You have two kids, most of the time on your own, cleaning should be the last of your worries. I always say that I'll have a clean house SOMEDAY, when my kids are old enough to help or GONE from the house - not before. :)

  6. I have a 21month old and a 2month old. I can't remember the last time I got real sleep. I hear ya!

  7. You are SO not alone.

    I think I forgot to put the wet clothes in the dryer (because I'm too lazy to hang them up outside because it's TOO hot) and left them in the wash all night long. Who, me? YEP!

    Or how the dishwasher is washing the dishes and the sink is still full with dirty pots and pans or dishes that didn't fit into the already full dishewasher.

    The floor that needs to be vacuumed and mopped? The NEVER ending pile of dirty clothes, clothes that need to be folded, but just stay in a heap on the couch or chair OR just don't get put away. Who likes putting clothes away? I don't like that chore.

    3 boys who WILL NOT get along, even though the oldest is 10, and the younger 2 are 4 and 20 months. OH, and I'm almost 33 weeks pregnant and still don't feel like doing anything. LOL!

    Like I said, you're not alone.

    Allison in Baton Rouge, LA

  8. How often are we supposed to bathe anyway???

    Does a hosing off the back yard count?

    - becca

  9. I just wanted to add something. Don't be so hard on yourself. These days seem so long, but this baby season of life goes by so quickly.

    We have 5 and my youngest is approaching age 6. On the other side, I do miss those days of snuggling with the babies. Of course, I am more rested now. Each season has trade-offs, but enjoy those babies and just plug along with the housework. It will always be there.


  10. You poor thing, it sounds really tough. Just an idea, what about getting a student from a UNI type place that is looking for some work experience and get them to come in and give you a hand? High schools would be another good place to look into. All the best.