Saturday, August 15, 2009

Jumping bean

Jumping bean, originally uploaded by mnssams.

Just thought it was about time that you saw some pictures. Between being busy and the computer being out of commission for a week there hasn't been much in the picture department. :)

Naomi's 4 months old now! How crazy is that? Time flies when I read about babies on blogs - like Brittany's girls Eliza and Nolia, Andrea's Eliza, Anna's AJ, and Jessica's Cadrian. I can only imagine that Naomi's growing before your eyes as well.

She's growing before mine too! She amazes me! She was 12lbs 12oz when she went for her 3 month appointment. When we weighed her last week at the immigration medical, she was 14lbs. I knew she looked bigger!

She plays with toys - grabs them, eats them, tries her best to chase after them - I don't remember Oceana being quite so determined to get to toys at this age.

She loves being on her tummy, and will roll from her back to her tummy to get there. But man does she get irritated if she can't roll over (rolling into furniture or just getting caught on her elbows).

She always holds her head up. She watches things go by. In fact during her immigration medical the doctor had her following the light with her eyes.

Naomi's favorite toys are Joshua's bird toy and her Lamaze doll (both have that crinkly plastic paper stuff inside them). But anything small and bright is an attention grabber.

As per the photo, she's in her jolly jumper occasionally. The only doorway in our living area is just out of sight from the kitchen, so often she doesn't like being in it long since she can't see me. I always don't like to put her in if Oceana's is in one of her "moods" since she tries to "bounce" and "swing" the baby. Eek!

She's also sitting in her high chair. Tonight she was happy through dinner and played with her toys (dropped them on the floor repeatedly) in the high chair. I got to eat dinner without holding a baby!!!

She's a really happy girl, when she's not fighting a mouth full of thrush.

Oh my goodness. I feel like I could write a book on issues while nursing. We have been fighting thrush (a yeast infection in her mouth and since she's breastfeeding, on me too) since she was 9 weeks old. We finally got rid of it a month ago when we got home from the USA. But a week later I got mastitis (requiring antibiotics). Often a dose of antibiotics will bring on thrush.

Naomi and I went spiraling back into a case of thrush that is only just now starting to subside. I'm still in pain, but I think that's because of some ulcers/sores that have appeared from the irritation. If it's not one thing, it's another, right?

She's lost most of the hair she was born with. She's pretty thoroughly bald now. :) Just like my other babies! And while her eyes were blue at birth, they are starting to turn gray, just like Oceana's did. I'm anxious to see if they'll turn the golden green color Oceana's are now.


  1. I had mastitis three times... once with Yvette. Twice with Stewart then my breast feeding was over. The most miserable infection ever... and you have to keep nursing through it even if you are so sick you cannot hold your own baby to your breast. Thank heavens for my sister Angela who did that for me.


  2. She is so cute! I love the idea of putting a blanket around her in the jumper - I didn't do that & my Z flopped around when he was that age, so I gave up & tried again a few months later, but that's a great idea. :)

    Anyway...hope you both are feeling better soon & nursing starts to go more smoothly & less painfully!!!! :)

  3. Well I had been wondering where you were! Glad to hear things are looking up now!

    And yes....she is absolutely growing up before our eyes! Sweet little Flip Flop! :)

  4. Oh what a beautiful picture! She is growing so fast. Thanks for the thorough update on all that she is doing at this age. I am going to miss you all dearly through this time. But I do cherish the time we had together this year. What a blessing to see you and Matt and my be able to hold them and tell them personally that I love them. Thank you for the update. (I hope you have received the birth certificates by now and that you are making headway with immigration) Love and hugs to all! Mom Sams

  5. HI! When my kids were little and battled thrush I pumped bottles and mixed acidolphilus (find them in the vitamin asle at the store) they are capsles and you break them and mix them with the breast milk. My peditrician suggested them after frequent bouts with thrush.

  6. adorable! they grow up so fast, I keep wondering if they'll turn 18 overnight or something!

  7. She IS growing before our eyes... way too fast! Why does it have to go so quickly! :) She is absolutely adorable!!!!

    happy FOUR months Naomi!


  8. Susie,

    She is absolutely beautiful and I cant believe how big she is getting!

    Happy 4 months Naomi!

  9. My Naomi is turning one this week, the time flies. I love the photos you take of your girls, they really are beautiful! Happy 4 months little Naomi!