Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The part I forgot

On Friday afternoon - before the immigration medical appointments, before the trip to Crystal Springs to see Daddy, but after the packing for the trip and some amount of cleaning - two of my friends came over for coffee. I'd rather have my friends see me in my squalor, than have to get the girls into the car to taken them to a house that is not very child-proof or child-friendly.

I made us all a hot drink and sat down to feed Naomi before I had my cup of coffee. I wasn't sitting near the coffee table/Oceana's feeding trough [ETA: Coffee table that Oceana eats at during her daytime snacks/lunch, usually has food stuck to it. Ew.] and so I set it on the floor near me. Next to the laptop that was slid underneath the couch. And then Oceana came over and did a dance-and-flail for our guests.

And kicked the coffee. Naomi came flying off of her feeding trough [ETA: Me.], and was left unceremoniously on the couch as I hung the laptop from my left hand and opened it to turn it off with the other hand. Logic tells me now I should have just ripped out the cord [I did] and popped the battery out - instead of going through the start menu as I watched liquid pour from my computer onto my carpet.

I did pull the battery out a few minutes.

Good news? After 5 days of drying? It's alive. :D

But we're going to let it dry a few more days before putting the battery back in. It's been cleaned, vacuumed, and dried. There's still a liquid mark instead the LCD screen though, so I'll leave it to dry a little long.

Hmm... about contents insurance???


  1. Ok, I must know...what's a feeding trough?

  2. just curious...what do you mean by feeding trough? i'm picturing it like for animals.

  3. That is an awful story... ouch! Those kinds of things happen all the time... and yet it is hard to deal with even though you are a fast thinker.
    Darn-it! I am glad the hot coffee didn't burn anyone... the computer situation is bad enough.


  4. The only concern that I would have is the acidic coffee - the water should dry easily. Here's hoping that the coffee just dried on the keyboard and didn't leak through to the logic board. I had this happen to my computer about a month ago, but I was a certified computer tech, so I took it apart and checked the board (phew). I'm hoping for everything to be limited to the surfaces for you!!


  5. I had a friend that spilled a strawberry banana smoothie all over her laptop, and in all her brilliance (since she figured it couldn't get any worse anyway) she actually rinsed it out in the sink after taking out the battery to try and get all the sticky stuff out. Then she popped it in the glove compartment of her car -- we live in South Texas so it's like, ten thousand degrees most days -- and after a week it started right back up like nothing had happened. I swear, those things are hardier than people give them credit for. I hope yours turns out ok!


  6. I'm typing on a laptop right this minute that has survived two coffee spills (its also survived war a couple of times so its a hearty machine). I have faith in your computer!