Thursday, September 10, 2009

Testosterone Sunday

Our church is pretty cool. I gotta say, some churches give dads candy bars on Father's Day. Ours? Meat.

For the 2nd year in a row, Father's Day has looked more like a crazy carnival, than church. I love it! This year there were motorcycles (expensive ones, like a Ducati) on the stage. There was a motorboat in the sanctuary, rims in the foyer, more motorcycles, some dirt bikes too. Outside the church were 3 or 4 BBQ grills (overflowing with steak, sausages, and burgers), a Porsche, some race cars, and a 7m high inflatable slide for the kids.

Matt (apparently, I didn't get pictures because I was late to church) race another daddy around the church on a BMX bike. Apparently Matt won, but Other Daddy was awarded the win. Not sure what happened there, but Matt did come away with a meat branding iron. *Eye roll*

It's all part of the Dad of the Year award, that's done in part with this local paper. It's pretty cool to watch the PuttPutt golfing competitions, the DIY competitions, and the endless joking around about Dads. One joke I particularly enjoyed:

Mothers are aware of everything. They know the birthdays, the milestones, the hopes and fears. They know the friends, the teachers, the strengths and weaknesses. They know the heartaches, the romances, the aspirations and the dreams.

Fathers are vaguely aware that some short people live in their home.

AHahahah! Ok, so not entirely true. But very funny!

Anyways, here's a few pictures. There aren't many, just a few from after the service. You'll have to excuse me, I was impossibly tired from Havalah & Dahvede's wedding the day before. I forgot the camera in the car. Two days in a row. Wow, I should get a medal. Oh wait! I did. That's another blogpost....

"Riding" a Ducati.

Getting the Ducati offstage. It was an adventure.

Oceana thought the planks were there all for her balancing pleasure.

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  1. I totally agree with this line:

    Fathers are vaguely aware that some short people live in their home.