Thursday, September 10, 2009

Auntie Cate & Uncle Drew

Auntie Cate & Uncle Drew, originally uploaded by mnssams.

This is Cate & Drew - who got married back in February (Check the February 2009 archives for their wedding photos). To be fair, their names area actually, "AunteeCate" and "UncaDwew". :)

Drew has forever entered into my hear - he was quoted as something like this: "My job this weekend is to do what I'm told." He watched babies, he fetched people in his rental car, he picked up stuff at supermarkets, promised to teach a tech-support-seminar for our ministry next year, fixed Dad's WiFi more than once (anyone know why Safari and Bonjour would be crashing the WiFi every time they are opened or even present on a computer that is on within the signal?), entertained children, and was an all-around peacekeeper the whole week.

More than once, I heard Drew say, "Ladies..." when we'd get ourselves carried away ranting and raving about something. He's good at that. :)

Drew - I officially like you. You can stay. It may have a lot to do with you never telling me "No, I can't take care of your children, or pick you up for the umpeenth time this week." You're kool. You're in. :)

Oh, and you too Cate - my sister by blood. Good choice Chicken!!!


  1. Wow Naomi looks so much like Oceana here! Very cute :)

  2. Sounds like he is perfect.
    Well that me be over doing it... but I don't know him and if you like him that is all that matters.