Thursday, September 10, 2009

Guess what?!?!

Napping with Grammy, originally uploaded by mnssams.

Wanna know why I sudden blogged 3 times in an afternoon? It's because I'm tied to my living room couch. Well, tied being a figurative term. It shall remain figurative too - I don't want my family to tie me down. Though, I'm sure it's crossed their minds in the last 24 hours.

See, yesterday I thought it a good idea to take a walk. I was going to walk to a Mom's coffee group about 2km from our house. It was a nice day, so since I had no car for the day, I put Oceana in the stroller and wrapped Naomi up in her Moby. All went well and we arrived a few minutes late (because of a slowly-dying battery in the kitchen clock).

My mum watches the one-year-old son of a friend who also works for the ministry on Thursday mornings. Manny [Emmanuel] seems to like the outdoors (he spends a lot of his indoor time crying, but stops when he's outside). So Mum decided to walk him to the park and meet up with us after our coffee group.

I was on my way to the park, just a few blocks from the coffee group, when a van pulled into a driveway a few yards away. The ladies hopped out and opened the back of the large van - in made the back end hang out over the footpath [sidewalk], so I went to steer my stroller into the edge of the road to go around it.

I'm still not sure what happened, but I ended up on the ground with my left leg behind me in a split M.C. Hammer styles, the stroller tipping to the left and out into the road (thank goodness there were no cars near) and my foot was SCREAMING at me.

The two ladies jumped quickly to grab Oceana's stroller and to pull me up off the sidewalk. I realized very quickly that my foot hurt badly...

Well, a long story short, after icing it for an hour and a half, keeping it up, and drinking a bunch of water... we [Mum, Dad, Grammy, and I] decided I truly did need to be seen by a doctor. But I'm happy to report that a) Naomi slept from the time we came home to get carseats, ate lunch, got back into the car, dropped off Oceana, drove to the doctor's, and through all but the last 5 minutes of my appointment (2.5 hours Wahoo!) and b) My foot is *only* sprained. It's better than a break. But it's still a pain in the butt. Or foot for that matter.

I'm supposed to be staying off of it as much as possible. Yeah, with babies. Ha! That's kind of funny Doc! I'm doing my best though.

So anyways, I'll leave you with this photo thought. Grammy (my grandmother, Oceana's 83-year-old Great Gramma who came all the way from VT for Havie's wedding) laid down with Oceana on my parents bed one day to "get her to sleep". Look closely. Whose eyes are closed? Not Oceana's! :) I HAD to snap a photo.


  1. Actually severe sprains can be worse than a break... just give yourself time for the tendons and ligaments to heal.

    I know I am always an accident waiting to happen... but don't follow in my footsteps. Pick someone else to follow... not a klutz.


  2. Oh my!! I hope your foot heals quickly! Having an injury AND little ones is the WORST!
    The pic of Oceana and her Great Grandmother is absolutely priceless. I treasure the photos of my children and my grandmother....
    Get Well Soon!

  3. Oh, you poor thing - how scary to fall when you're wearing the baby & you've got the stroller!!! I would've been totally freaked out! Hope your foot heals up soon!!!

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about your ankle. Hope you are up and about soon! Love you. Mom Sams Oh by the way, really great picture. So glad Grammy Blodgett could be there...enjoy her visit.

  5. I am so sorry to hear about your ankle. I had a severly sprained ankle once and it was not fun to say the least. Praying that you are up and around soon. Love, Mom Sams

  6. Beautiful family.
    Beautiful blog.
    Beautiful photos.
    Beautiful baby Joshua. (I just read his story and looked at all the beautiful pictures).

    I'm so glad I came over for a visit, and I'm so glad you found me through MckMama's blog (and your sister). God wanted us to meet. :)