Monday, September 14, 2009

5 months old

5 months old, originally uploaded by mnssams.

Oh my word, she's gorgeous. I am absolutely enamored with Naomi. She is so beautiful!

That's not to say that Oceana isn't or wasn't as a baby. But there's something about Naomi that is more feminine than Oceana's early months. She seems so delicate. She's not. But she [seems] delicate.

I have my work cut out for me. This little girl - she's cah-razy strong. Top 5 things I hear from people:

*She's so cute!
*She's so little! [is every other baby in history the size of a house?]
*What a beautiful name!
*She's so alert!
*She's so strong!

Alert is all a matter of perspective - at least I think so. Both Oceana and Naomi were aware of their surroundings from very early on. And they've both got eyes like saucers, so they look alert all the time - unless they're on the brink of falling asleep.

But strong. She is cah-razy strong! And pretty fast on the development scheme. It shocks me that she's done everything ahead of "the norm".

*She held her head up the day she was born. Not with a lot of control, but she was still trying to do it herself. I freaked a bit. It's one thing to tell a toddler not to do something you know they shouldn't be doing. You [can't] stop a newborn from moving their head!

*She rolled over at 9 weeks old. I was sure it was a fluke. Oceana rolled once or twice at 2 months old, but "forgot how" for another 2 or 3 months. But Naomi's kept it up. She first rolled back to tummy, which is [supposed to be] the harder one of the two ways.

*She's scooting. It hurts me to type that. First it was just that she'd pivot around in a circle when I put her on her tummy. But now she's working her way off the blankets I set her on and it's almost always in the direction of electrical cords. She is in l.o.v.e. with the computer cord. *Eh oh!*

*She's rocking on her hands and knees. Sometimes when I set her down she ends up on her hands and knees, but not always. I've been finding her on her hands and knees - how she's getting herself there exactly, I'm not sure. But I am totally not prepared for this!

What ever happened to doing things on time. Maybe she's got her Daddy and her Grampa Sams' genetic alarm clock. They both thing that if you're not 15 minutes early, you're late. [Ew... I'm from a family that quotes "You're allowed to be five minutes late for each kid". :D

Naomi's headed to Plunket tomorrow morning - the Well Child Nurse visit. I'm really curious to see where her weight is at! Last weigh in at 3 months was 12lbs 8oz, which is just over 1.5 times her birthweight. I think she's probably 15lbs or thereabouts. We'll see.


  1. ok, those eyes?? amazing... haha, she is gonna have ya running in about a month, go find your gates now! cant WAIT to see her! AH!

  2. she is such a beautiful baby and I see what you mean about her and oce... oce was beautiful as well but naomi does have a softer touch about her.

    all I know if with those girls, and especially the one with bouncing curls.. Matt better get a gun!

  3. she is so precious. love those eyes :)

  4. Uh oh. sounds like your going to be busy... my middle boy was strong like that... he fluked at sat unassisted at 2 months old... we were at a friends house and she could NOT believe it...then he started sitting up all the time at 3.5 months old... full out crawling at 5... and RUNNING at 9 months. My Dad had always told me his sister walked at 9 months old and I totally thought he was a)crazy or b) pulling my leg... until Kolby walked... and hasnt stopped going...he is definitely the biggest handful now at 4 out of all 3 of my boys

  5. Oh my gosh she is so beautiful! What color are those eyes?

    Mom Sams

  6. Susie, I had been trying to find a good time to comment on how much (i think) Naomi looks like her big Brother :)
    THIS PICTURE IS IT!!!! She is adorable and I think she looks a lot like sweet, brave Joshua!!