Friday, June 19, 2009

Now that you've been caught up on pictures

I feel the need for photos when I post. It bothers me that I have pictureless posts. Just a pet-peave of mine. But since I've fixed up my quota for like... ever... I'll just stick to catch you up on our lives!

We are loving Pennsylvania! The weather has been great! While there's been a few muggy/humid days, and some serious heat once or twice, the majority of the weather has been pleasant and mild. Soooo nice. Believe me, I'm wanting to get home to my house, my kitchen, my... well - Me Me Me - basically... but I'm not looking forward to the winter weather. Eek!

We've had the chance to catch up with a lot of friends and family - as per the pictures. It's such a blessing to have friends all around the world that we can pick up with like time has not passed. But it's a bummer we don't all live in the same town!

Yesterday we spent the day with the Taylor's at Hands On House in Lancaster, PA. It was a great day - inside at least. The kids had a blast. It was the only time we - the parents - have had to prod children through a museum. They'd get bogged down on one exhibit and we'd get bored with it before they did! It's a great museum, love it! They had fishing and face painting, car building and germ-killing (LOL, sock the germs!), grocery shopping and dress ups, engineering and a treehouse. It was fantastic, except that everyone else in the area seemed to think so too. It was pouring rain (like, scary to drive kind of rain) and it was a great option for little kids. :) Great minds think alike???

Today we're having the Taylors and Tavares' over for a BBQ. It should be a GRAND time since Samuel, Oceana, and Miles are all three years old. Levi is 1 in a few weeks and Zachary and Naomi are two months old. The decibels will be in a "heightened state" today! :)


  1. Hands On House is so fun : ). We went there last summer. I live about 3 hours from Lancaster and a very good family friend lives there. We were out visiting. We'll be going again next month. Glad you guys are having such a great trip and I loved all the pics! : )

  2. So glad you're enjoying your visit!

  3. Oh I love your blog! So glad you are having a wonderful time in the USA! We would like to live in New York for 12 mths! More photos please! :)

    Ex Kiwi living in Oz!

  4. Excuse me, Susie.......I must be losing my sight as well as hearing....did I read that you took the kids to a

    I'm gob-smacked.

    Luv ya,

    Hugs and kisses for all small children.

  5. is that kind of like the strong museum for kids?

  6. Where in PA have you been besides Lancaster? I'm outside of Philly the weather has been pretty much rainy for the last 2 weeks! We had a beautiful day last Sun. and once the clouds subsided yesterday, it was nice too. Now more rain! Send some sun this way! Glad you're having fun!

  7. awww, the photos don't work :( I think there are so many of them my computer doesn't want to download a single one!