Tuesday, June 16, 2009

hi everybody!

posting from buffalo new york at cliff and naomi pruitt's place :)

we made a quick trip to new hampshire to see my grandma, aunt, uncles, and cousins and then decided on the way up that we'd really love to "drop in" to buffalo and see our old neighbors from college days. 

so we did. 

it's only a few extra hours in the car. 

like... 9. 

but we are so happy to be here and see our extra family the pruitts. 

and i just gotta say - hi to mary pruitt's friend from accomack county, virginia - toni is what cliff said - I think. so HI to toni! i guess you're a stalker - but you've now been called out! :)

i promise the pictures and updates are coming. 

but we have bryce, christina, miles, and levi coming to see us on thursday and friday and josh, danielle, samuel, and zachary coming to see us friday and saturday. it's gonna be SO MUCH fun to see our old friends. a photo shoot is in the works - coz those four boys are just gonna be paparazzi'd like no one's business. and so are hannah, ainsley, mallory, and carl for that matter. 

watch this space!


  1. So glad you guys are having such a great trip. It sounds like fun!! I love traveling and seeing old friends. My favorite vacations are the ones visiting family.
    I bet the girls are getting big since we saw them last..
    Enjoy, Have Fun!

  2. Well, your just right next door! I live about 25 minutes from Buffalo! Hope you're having a fantastic trip. The weather's about to get rainy though....so Boo to that.
    Any plans to check out your old stomping grounds in Henrietta? ;o)

  3. I am glad you are having a fun a very full trip... seeing lots of family and friends.

    keep on enjoying your time in the USA.


  4. Tee hee...I guess your blog is still set to New Zealand time/date. It says you posted this on Wednesday...but it's not Wednesday yet. At least it's not HERE. :)

  5. Great to hear all is well. Hi to the Taylor family. I look forward to seeing lots of photos :)

  6. Happy to see you in the Buffalo area! We're actually from Orchard Park, so you're right in our neighborhood. Hope you were here on Monday for that gorgeous summer day we had! Enjoy the rest of your trip!

    God Bless!

    Lori :)