Monday, June 22, 2009

Trial run

Please let me know if this photo of Samuel shows up. Several people have commented that the photos from the last few days didn't show up. And now they won't show for me. (They did a few days ago). I think it may be a combination of too many and too large (they were all very large and took forever to upload in the first place). I'll try to resize and reupload the shots, but you all can see how many photos I uploaded. It took me the better part of a morning to do, so I may not get them all redone. Ugh...

Friday was an awesome day. The Taylor's and Tavares' came over for an all-day barbeque. It was SO good to see them and their [collective] four boys, Miles, Levi, Samuel, and Zachary. Bryce and Matt went golfing (Josh hadn't arrived yet), and later Christina, Danielle, and I went shopping for BBQ food and some hair dye. Oh yes my dear blog readers, I am no longer the same. Matt's not crazy about the changes, but he's not one to tell me to change if it's not a crucial issue.

I'm intrigued by the change, since I've never been anything but blonde, except for a dismal 72 hours at camp one year. Since I know you'll just bug me to know what that 72 hours looked like... I had heard you could color with food coloring. Well, sure you can, but it's not that great. I thought that food dye worked like hair dye and just kept rinsing until the color stopped (mostly) showing in the water. Instead of my desired aqua blue mane (oh yes my dears, I was a crazy little 16 year old!) I was the not-so-proud owner of a snot green mane. It rained through most of camp, so what little there was remaining in my hair trickled out over the weekend. A friend of mine stopped me at the end of camp and said, "You know, you'd almost walk past and not think 'I wonder what that girl did to her hair' now." In other words, "Not yet. We still wonder what on earth you did." To make it better, it was a guy who said that, who are known for their not-so-observant tendencies. I'm sure every girl at camp wondered what was wrong with me. I was looking forward to sporting some bright blue hair. It looked awesome when it was wet... not so much after it was rinsed and not dripping blue on my shoulders...

The new color? Ah yes, I'm keeping you in the dark until I have a good picture of myself. I had my hair looking good yesterday, but failed to take a picture at Adam & Kristin's wedding (so much fun to be there!). In fact, I failed to take my camera. We left late for the wedding, so by the time I realized my camera was till at home, we were too far to return for it. No wedding pictures, no cute family picture. One of these days we HAVE to get some pictures taken! :)

Looks like we're headed to Hershey Park tomorrow (the amusment park) with Matt's sister Heather and her son Evan. I used to be a big fan of rollercoasters, but after one bad experience on our honeymoon, I'm not so fond of them anymore. (Bad experience: So nauseated from the ride, I spent the next 3-4 hours hoping I would chuck my cookies so I'd feel better). It pretty much ruined our day at Geauga Lake, OH - I guess it's closed now, otherwise I'd like it. There's nothing quite like being on your honeymoon and having to ask your husband how to stick your finger down your throat, hoping that the overwhelming sense of cookie-chucking would go away.

I'll probably man the snacks/drinks/strollers while Matt and Heather fill their thrill-seeking quota for the year. I'm just fine and dandy on the kiddie rides with Oshee and Evan, thanks very much! They might be able to get me on one or two rides, but I no longer feel the need to prove my bravery. I used to be all "I can do anything" when it came to rollercoasters, in fact that's a lot of the reason I did them. But to be perfectly frank, I hate them. I hate the sensation of falling. I hate heights. I break into cold sweats just standing in line. And I just don't feel like putting myself in panic's way. :)

I've learned a new talent. Putting baby to sleep while typing. Her head's in the crook of my left elbow, her body's across my lap, with my left knee up heigher so that she's "reclined" nicely. She was fussy - enough so that Matt had to come find me while I was folding laundry earlier. Oh well, I knew she was tired, sometimes she just needs to read my blog so she can be bored enough. :D

Catch ya later!


  1. I'm not one for rides either, I have a horrible fear of heights and I hate that sensation of free falling on roller coasters. Thankfully the last couple times we've been at disney I've been pregnant and have a wonderful built in excuse. Although it's a rather elaborate excuse.

    Cant wait to see your hair!

  2. YES! I can see the picture. I could see the others too. They just opened up nice on my bloglines page! Looks like so much fun! I am glad for you!

  3. Can't wait to see your new hair color!! And yes....the picture worked this time!

  4. Yes, that photo works. I cannot see the photos from the previous few days....

    I look forward to seeing them when you get a chance to update them :)

  5. I've seen all the pics you've uploaded. Their great.

    As for "boring" the baby to sleep, that's what mother's do. :) It's a natural thing. Actually its a secret. We usually tell everyone that they just "Prefer" mommy holding them over anyone else. Make us mom's feel "special". LOLOLO Truly, she loves her mommy I'm sure. Who Wouldn't. :)

    Have fun at Hershey Park.