Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Runway Nappy

Do you follow my Tweets? On the right sidebar is my Twitter - Follow me by click on "Follow me on Twitter". If you already follow my Tweets, you'll probably have seen my mention of about an upcoming posts about little bums in bumGenius diapers. Or nappies. Because, see, we call them nappies here. I may have grown up calling them diapers, but here in New Zealand they are called nappies. And poor Oceana doesn't need any more confusion than necessary - we teach her the Kiwi words for everything. There's no sense in her friends being confused about what she's talking about when she gets older. So nappies they are.

Sometime back in December one of you gorgeous Bloggers mentioned in the comments about the Diaper Grant and said, "Oh, but I'm sure you've heard of that already." If only you'd have heard the conversation in my head.

"Diaper Grant? What diaper grant? Where is it? Someone's giving away cloth diapers? Tell me! Tell me!"

I linked over the www.cottonbabies.com and found the Diaper Grant. And I got excited. But being a bit of a pessimist, I thought, "We'd never get picked". But being the frugal chick that I am, I applied anyways.

I received an email acknowledging the receipt of my application and didn't hear anything for months. To be entirely fair, I'd forgotten that I even applied. And then one day I got an email saying, "You've been approved for the Diaper Grant". I about fell off my chair when I read that they were going to send us 15 bumGenius 3.0 cloth nappies. Since I'm not much of a cloth diaper buff, I went over to the site and checked them out. That's when I got overly excited! These things looked like exactly what I wanted.

I used cloth nappies on Oceana for a long time, but stopped because they were so inconvenient. I was always dunking prefolds in the toilet and wiping out vinyl covers. And dealing with nasty soaking buckets and doing endless laundry that didn't dry in New Zealand cold, wet, winter weather.

These nappies arrived on our doorstep a few months ago, but I refrained from talking about them until I had a chance to try them out on Naomi. But for the sake of curiousity I popped on on Oceana. I was really surprise to see they fit her well. Then we pulled out a Cabbage Patch doll and put it on her. And it *seemed* to fit her. But you know, you can't check if there's "containment" issues on a doll. So we waited to try them out Naomi.

This is the nappy at the smallest size with just the little infant insert. And do you think she looks like her brother in this photo? I think it looks like a replica of this photo of him (3rd shot).

This is that same nappy (ok, not the same, but you know what I mean) on the largest size with full size insert. Do you see those little abs? Yeesh, wonder what abs feel like? Mine have been lost behind some... extra padding...

Aren't they just adorable? Hanging out in the sunshine, on Oceana's sheepy. And both quite happy despite being scantily clad in the winter. :D Don't worry, I didn't leave them like this very long! No more sniffles around here! No way!

I think what makes me most happy is the washing though! The covers dry in an hour or two and the inserts dry pretty well overnight (in rainy weather, inside on a drying rack). This was such a relief since Oceana's prefolds took forever in a house that had a wood stove. This house has no heat pump or wood stove, so we're at the mercy of space heaters that we only use in the early mornings and late in the evenings.

*Please ignore my typos, I'm tired.*

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  1. Hey Susie! Could you expand on the Diaper Grant thingy? I checked the Cotton Babies site and I didn't see anything other than if I wished to make a donation (and it said goals for 2006)... Thank you!

  2. Disregard my former message: I answered my own question already! Thanks!

  3. Congrats on the diaper grant! I applied for that too. I didn't get it but was blessed by the people at Miracle Diapers.

  4. that is AWESOME! We LOVE bum genius diapers!


  5. ooh. those diapers look and sound great. I was actually going to comment a couple posts ago about how much Naomi reminded me of Joshua... I think they look alot alike :) As for the space heaters...So Jealous that NewZealand winters are warm enough that you can get away with space heaters in the morning/evening. lol.

  6. Neat!! My hubby & I are sort of missionaries at a Christian camp...I'm going to talk to him about applying for the cloth diaper grant! I can't see myself using them with a newborn, but I might with my toddler & they sound really nice! :)

  7. Oh, never mind, I just read more & said you have to be overseas. Sometimes we qualify for the 'full-time Christian service' discounts & what not. :) Anyway, thanks for sharing! :)

  8. So cute! I love how they match! :D

  9. Oh look at your beautiful girls! Oceana's hair is so beautiful. I cannot wait to see them and hold them. Won't be long now. Tammy has two pack 'n plays for us to use while you are here. The diapers are so cute!

  10. I saw these just a little too late with my last baby, but I so wish I could have used these because they are so much better than pins and such.