Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Day At The Zoo

I'm pretty sure that the title "A Day At The Zoo" is a book. But it was a day at the zoo, so you'll just have to excuse me!

As a side note: The appointment at the US Consulate went great! We had everything they wanted (except that the Marriage Licence was a scanned, emailed copy - not an original as it's still in the mail) and the official even said that we don't need to send in the original, that the scanned copy would suffice. *Such a relief!* The only hiccup for the day was when we went to pay the fees and their credit card processor was done. *Grrr* Matt had to leave the Consulate to find an ATM, but was back pretty quickly. We had to wait at least 45 minutes so they could process the six applications we brought in. With all the chaos of last year, we never registered Joshua's birth or death with the US, so we decided to do them together with Naomi's birth registration, passport, and social security number. And Matt's been doing too much travelling (LOL), so he needed new pages sewn into his passport. Did you know you can have that done?

After the Consulate appointment we headed to the Auckland Zoo. I haven't been since I was a teenager, and I had a feeling Oceana would get a kick out of the Zoo. Madagascar is a favorite movie at our house right now.

She walked a lot today, but she's only 3 and her legs could only take so much. My legs can only take so much too, and I wore boots that rub my little toes after walking all over the zoo. But I can't sit on Matt's shoulders. Or at least he wouldn't let me. All that to say, Oceana hitched a ride like little girls should!

Speaking of hitching a ride.... We didn't bring the stroller. I carried Naomi all over the place in this. She went to the Consulate in it, to the Zoo, and she even ate in it! (Took some maneuvering, but that's one of the selling points of the Moby Wrap.

Oh my, the cheese factor! Naomi was such a good girl! She slept all the way to Auckland, and woke up just ten minutes before we stopped at the park so I could feed her. She slept through part of the appointment at the Consulate, but stayed quiet for most of the awake part. Then she slept on the way to the Zoo, and woke to eat about the time the chickens decided to try and eat our lunch (about 30 roosters run free outside the Zoo... not very pleasant when you're trying to eat). Then she slept through all but the last half our at the Zoo, and I fed her in the wrap. She was awake on the way to our friend's place, but then ate there and slept all the way home (3 hours). She slept through dinner and let me get home before she needed to eat again. I was worried she wouldn't sleep tonight, but she was awake for about 3 hours and then just went to sleep now at 11:30pm. I'm headed to bed before she decides to wake up!

She may look little. But my little girl is getting so big! She was so excited about the elephants, lions, tigers, monkeys, hippos, and giraffes! She's in love with Madagascar the movie, so the animals were named Alex (lion), Gloria - who she actually calls Laura (hippo), Melman (giraffe), and Marty (zebra). She was a riot to see all day. And she would not let us forget about the elephants. :)

A fun ...... long ...... day. I'm gonna go fall into bed before I get my first middle-of-the-night wake up call!

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  1. I am so relieved to hear all went pretty well.

    The zoo looks fun. I bet Oceana loved it.

    I also love your wrap and that you carry Naomi with you everywhere.


  2. Love the Moby pictures- I definitely want to get one before i have another baby!!! :)

  3. I used a Moby Wrap too and love how you can keep the baby so snug. We used it this exact way with our second son when we went to the zoo. Now Jack is so big I either use the Joey hold or the hip hold. Love it though!

  4. I love the newborn stage when they are so portable and sleep so much. My almost 3 year old saw Oceana's princess sweatshirt and loves it

  5. HUGE congrats on your new addition!! She is lovely. Naomi is such a beautiful name, and she looks so much like both her sister and brother in all in her pictures!

  6. You sound so happy! I'm sure that makes Joshua happy as he watches over you from Heaven. Can you imagine Joshua saying, "See you later, Naomi, enjoy Mom and Dad, it's now your turn."

    I love Christ's Plan of Salvation! I don't know what I'd do without Him in my life.

  7. The big elephant is AWESOME!! Looks like a fun day and what a blessing for a good baby!

    Oceana and Daddy is also a cute pix!


  8. What a great blog.I enjoyed reading your blog today.
    I am still new to the land of blog, but so loving reading others stories. Everyone has a story and so many of them are so touching....

    Hope you will stop by for a visit.
    The May give-away has started and this month there will be 10 winners. I will be blogging from Disney World soon...


  9. There are so many tears of joy being shed here over the birth of Naomi. I cannot express how precious she is. I am so happy to see your arms filled again with this precious baby girl. Just like Naomi, Ruth's mother-in-law's arms were filled with a grandson after her sons were taken from her. Can't wait to hold my fourth grandbaby! Counting the days until I can give all of you the hugs that I long for! Love you all so much.

  10. Glad you guys are still able to get out and have fun as a family!

  11. what are all the spots on Naomi's face? hope she is okay.