Wednesday, April 29, 2009



All is well here. I have a few new pictures of Naomi, but I didn't get a chance to download them yet. Just wanted to let you know she's up to 9lbs 0.5oz! She's gained 1lb and 2.5oz since her lowest weight. It's pretty exciting for me. Oceana and Joshua were both such a struggle to get "chubby". Oceana wasn't 9lbs until she was 4 weeks, and Joshua was nearly 2 months old before he was. Granted, they weighed less than Naomi, but weight gain in general was a difficult thing with both of them.

Naomi's been spitting up more the last few days. So I've been working on cutting out certain no-no foods to see what's bothering her. I'm wondering if she's just a spill-y baby. We'll see what we come up with.

Please keep us in your prayers tomorrow. We've got 6 hours in the car to/from Auckland to apply for.... everything under the sun.... at the US Consulate tomorrow. Naomi needs a social security number, a report of birth abroad, and a passport. So, as you can imagine the paperwork trail's been a bit treacherous the last few days. *Bang bang bang* That? That's my head banging on the wall. We don't have the original of one particular piece of paperwork and while I have a scanned copy and the promise that the original is in the mail.... it's got me a bit worried.

Well my dear readers, it's 1am and we have to be up in 5 hours to get ready to go. That five hours will most likely have a middle of the night wake up call from Miss Naomi. :oS Oh well. I'd rather be up the night with a baby than.... not up with a baby at all.


  1. good luck! The thing we noticed, with a family visit to the consulate (and the airport, and, pretty much everywhere)- the line behind you, the family, grows pretty quickly, even when the one in front moves slow - that, and lots of snacks, makes you feel like you are getting somewhere. Until you go to get your drivers licence, and find, somewhere along the line, the date on your actual visa, is not the same as the date in 'the database'. good times! Hoping your times are a lot more ho hum!

  2. :)

    thanks for the update, I hope it all goes well with the paperwork, I know that can be pain!

  3. I helped my DIL just get an official copy of Capri's DS-1350 (The most like a birth certificate US anyway) We didn't even have the original FS-240 just a copy... it finally came from Washington DC last week. Capri was born in Italy.

    That is so much to have to do... and such a long drive... I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.


  4. Good luck w/ the US Consulate. We had to do part of what you're doing however the USAF did most of the work for us & even that was a pain in the patooty!

    Here's to a quick & successful trip.

  5. soooooooooooooo excited to hear about all the paper work, yeahhh!! haha, i feel your pain... BUT, just another step in the right direction for your June visit, sooo excited! My parents are moving to PA in June as well, soooo looks like we will have a place to stay while we visit. ALSO, we checked into Dutch Wonderland for maybe a fun day out with the fam's. Kinda pricy... BUT, we can all start to save now, lol. ttyl, goood luck tomorrow!!

  6. Hope all goes well with all that paperwork!!

  7. Way to grow little missy! Glad things are going seemingly well. I had a spitter or two - so feel your pain with trying to find what is causing it and how to help out. Spitty babies are no fun, but clearly she is growing!!

    Best wishes for your paperwork trip!


  8. I have a somewhat overactive letdown which made my son somewhat spit-ey up-ey for the first few weeks until he learned to deal with it (which basically means that he pulls off and lets milk squirt all over the place if I don't catch it soon enough) and I learned to help him with it (burping him a couple of times, block nursing on one side at a time).
    You may have explored that, but it's my first suggestion to everyone simply because it's what I know :)

  9. I must agree with you. While I never jump for joy over losing sleep... having a baby be the reason is fine by me.

    Have a peaceful day tomorrow.. allow God to work for you.

    Give Naomi a big 9lb. congratulatory kiss from me :)


  10. Hey! Can't wait to see more pics of the gorgeous bub! That's great she's gaining well!

    By the way, the ticker on your sidebar says you're 43 weeks and 2 days pregnant!! ;-) hehe...

  11. Sounds like someones momma is doing a great job! Way to go 9 lbs!

    Good luck with all the paperwork, etc. tomorrow! I will pray for smooth travels, happy kids, and helpful people at the consulate!

  12. All my kiddos were spit up-pers.... dont know if that is a word or not....

    Your girls are beautiful... and suddenly Oceana looks SO tall!

  13. Oh, dear - my ds was a spitter, too, when he got to be about 3-4 weeks old...and around 12 weeks old, he started screaming & refusing to eat even though he was screaming in hunger...and ended up having acid reflux! I wish I could've figured it out sooner - it took a while to get his meds right & get him comfortable again - I think he was 4 months old before he slept through the night b/c of his reflux pain!!! And everyone would say, "Oh, all babies spit up", but follow your instincts if you think she's uncomfortable!