Sunday, February 15, 2009

Babywearing & a year ago

A few days ago I entered Britney's MeeUp giveaway and mentioned that I wore Joshua a lot last year. Ever since I said it, I've been wondering how often I talked about it on the blog. This is the only picture I ever posted of wearing Joshua. Because he was so special I wore him in a sling and then tied a sarong around his head. At first I could fit him inside the sling, but as his encephalocele grew, I had to change the way I carried him to accommodate for his cele.

But the truth is that I wore him constantly from the beginning of February. As soon as we started having his cele wrapped by Heather, I took him everywhere. Up to that point I was afraid to pick him up much, for fear he'd get an infection from too much handling, or that his cele would break if we weren't careful enough. It was so exciting to carry him with me. And babywearing was the only way I could do anything. He wasn't your average baby - I couldn't carry him with one hand (I learned to by the end, but it took a while). Babywearing was perfect. And that way I knew he was safe. Safe from curious fingers and pesky flies - safe in my arms.

I'm planning to wear this baby heaps. And I'm planning to actually get stuff done this time around. With Oceana I was tied down a) because I didn't know that a baby crying wasn't the end of the world b) because I didn't know how to carry her in a baby carrier without killing my bad shoulders/back. No tying me down this time! :) Just thought you might appreciate a reminder about my 'Shua.

Oh, and a year ago today we were in Rotorua at the work retreat. It was a fantastic time - our only trip away with Joshua. Definitely something I won't forget.


  1. Wait!? A baby crying isn't the end of the world!? Well THAT knowledge is really going to free me up over here! Thanks!


  2. I love baby slings. I certainly wish they had these when I was having my babies. I would have carried them everywhere.

    It is precious that you carried little Joshua with you. If you close your eyes... you can probably feel his presence.

    Have a great day Susie! Thank you once again for sharing.


  3. Thanks for sharing! I remember that posting! I think it's awesome that you wore Joshua, and I think that just helped him that much more, just like when they have daddy's hold their preemies for skin to skin contact b/c it helps them. I love babywearing too. I would have entered that contest but my "baby" is almost too big to wear, and even though we are hoping to have more, I don't have an immediate use for it right now, so I'd rather have someone get it who does. Hope you are having a good week! God Bless!

  4. Wow- I found your blog from a twitter post. Looking forward to reading more. If you want to learn more about babywearing, I've learned a TON from the forum at Babywearing! :)

    How neat that you were able to wear your son!

  5. Hi Susie,

    I'm Bridget that you have been in contact with via email. I just found your blog by accident and it is truly amazing! I have sat here reading it for quite some time now and have enjoyed every second of it. Thinking of you and hoping to one day meet up :o)

    Love Bridget xxx