Friday, January 16, 2009

Washing, Sugar, and North Country

In New Zealand it's referred to as your washing, not your laundry. I think that may be more of an Old School English style, as I think my grandmother referred to things that way. Washing, rubbish, etc. No matter how you say it, slice it, or style it - I did washing this week. Laundry. Lots of.

I got nest-y. I realised that with going back to work now, I'll have several big projects to get sorted out between now and April. And add to that my sister's wedding on 2/7 (and being away for 8 days because of it), as well as Matt having to take two business trips during the next two months, I don't have a lot of extra time. I know I'll be very busy, and I know that something as big as the baby laundry needs to get sorted out now.

But here's the problem. I forgot how much stuff I had.

When we were expecting Joshua I skipped all the pink boxes and went straight for the half a dozen unisex outfits I had. I pulled out some socks, a few yellow things, and all the newborn unisex onesies. A few non-pink blankets and I was done. Well, I pulled out the pink boxes this week. I told myself I'd only pull out the preemie (from Joshua), newborn, and 0-3 sizes. I tend to have pretty skinny kids, so preemie sizes fit for a few weeks. But I know that some babies never fit newborn sizes, and since weights of my past two don't particularly mean anything in reference to this one's, I'll pull out the bigger sizes.

7 loads of laundry later, I'm wondering where on earth I'm going to put it all.

The box is full. There are piles behind these. There is one more load of blankets to go. And I was careful not to get carried away. Or so I thought. See that? Above? That's what happens when you're the first out of your girlfriends to have a baby. And you're the only one at a work place full of women who's due. That's what happens when Oceana gets spoiled-freakin-rotten.

But this? This I don't mind. Baby dresses hanging in the closet? Be still my heart. Carters dresses. Target dresses. Dresses! Christina - do you recognise your finds? The purple one you gave to Oceana, the green/pink one was from this Christmas for Flip Flop. Havalah - that's your red flowered dress. The white and pink was the first thing Matt and I ever bought for Oceana. The white and blue and pink and green on the left? Your guess is literally as good as mine. Any Elim friends want to claim those dresses? I seriously can't remember...

In other news, I had my glucose tolerance test this week. Ew. It wasn't as bad as the last one (with Oceana, never did one for Joshua). With Oceana I felt like I was going to puke up the flat orange soda. This time I only felt like my heart was going to pound out of my chest. I had only eaten two eggs before the test (so as not to throw off the test with some bread or sugared up coffee), but then continued on from the blood test to go to the library for natural childbirth books (a waste of time... I didn't find anything good). By the time I came home I was running on almost strictly glucose. I ate a big lunch and then prompty crashed from my sugar high. I was sitting on the couch after putting Oceana to bed. And next thing I knew my phone was ringing. So got up and dealt with that. Then went back to sleep. Then another phone call an hour later. All together I slept 2 whole hours. And man did I need it. I felt drugged out for most of the afternoon. Stupid glucose drink. I'll find out Tuesday if I passed. I reallllly hope so! I love my cookies too much.

I rented North Country this week. While I can't say that it was amazing it terms of the language that was used and a lot of the content, it really got under my skin. The basic premise to the movie is sexually harassment in the workplace. It made me and Havalah realise that we take a lot of granted now that laws have been passed to keep that sort of stuff from happening. Definitely good, but nothing short of coarse and absolutely vulgar in terms of content. A very Make-Momma-Made movie.

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  1. Isnt it fun seeing all the little girl clothes? Although I hope you are patient because once the clothes were hung up I couldnt wait for my little girl to be here to wear them... Time went by very slowly. lol I will be praying that you passed your glucose test. I definintly remember the misery of that!

  2. You can even make clothes hanging in a wardrobe look arty!!! Cool photo!

  3. Hey Susie!

    I've been here once before and read Joshua's story-really incredible.

    I came today and wanted to comment on the childbirth midwife gave me 2 books that I think are quite good. You might want to see if you can get them on interlibrary loan. "Pregnancy, Childbirth and the Newborn" by Penny Simpkin. It is totally oriented to natural birth and has a huge section on breathing techniques and nonmedical pain management for labor. "The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth" by Henci Goer. I really liked this one. The author goes over all the common childbirth interventions such as different pain meds, episiotomy, etc. and presents medical studies showing the pros and cons of having the intervention. She also talks about eating and drinking during labor and VBACs. Anyway, completely oriented to natural birth, and very informative as to why it is better.

    So there's two suggestions for you, and congrats on the new little one!

    ~Emily (due in 6 days!)

  4. yuppp, i picked some pretttttty good ones, lol.... got to love purple, and little ity bity pears on dresses... CANT WAIT to have a girl of my own one day..... she will be pink OVERLOADED! hahaha