Sunday, January 11, 2009

Eat Your Supper!

If you've been here much, or commented at all - you'll know the name Elisha. She stops by most every day and check in on me. So she sent me her new blog, Eat Your Supper.
The idea is share and share alike with recipes. Kids get picky, Momma gets fed up. Share your idea with her, she'll share them on the blog - one a day. Eventually when the list gets long enough you'll be able to search by label, "Beef", "Chicken", "Veges"... you get the idea. So hop on over and check it out. I gotta get back home to my recipe book so I can share some of my fool-proofs. :) I'm pretty lucky, Oceana's not to picky - unless she finds something "sPICy" (said with a semi-frantic tone). Then the game's all over. We still feed her Mexican or curry at least once a week... poor kid. :) But it keeps us happy!


  1. Jericho is not to picky either, it's nice. We are blessed that our girls will eat most anything!

    I give her stuff that I think is going to be a little too spicy for her and think she isn't going to eat much of it but I'm finding that's always that stuff she is asking for more of. It cracks me up.

  2. Ok, this is totally random but, I was just curious how tall you are. In your last post you and your hubbie look pretty close in height. Figure you are either quite tall or maybe you are both average?

  3. And it's good for her too! She'll be much better off once she grows up, having eaten sPICy... : ) Well done!

  4. I've been reading you blog for over a year now and I thought it was time I said hi...

    so, hi