Sunday, January 11, 2009

Getting dressed up

It just doesn't happen that often. So, you know you've gotta document it when it happens right? My friend Margo had her birthday party last night and insisted it was "formal". Which is code for, "I want to wear my formal gown and I want an excuse to do it!" So, us girls were only so delighted to dress up and drag along our not-so-thrilled-about-formal husbands.

But not-so-thrilled or not, he cleans up pretty good. Especially when he lets me hairspray that mohawk situation into a shape.

The rest of these shots look like I'm smuggling something in my dress - it honestly doesn't look like my tummy. So I went with my "Hiding from the Paparazzi" look. That's the dress for my sister's wedding (it goes to the floor). In fact it's a bit lot, but as my friend Dave put it last night, "I'm sure that in a month you'll grow into it!"

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  1. Lovely Lovely! Which Dave, must have been Smithy!!
    Thanks so much for the photos. It's been a SUPER busy day with lots over for lunch (and yes we had LOTS to feed them!!!). Tomorrow will be my 'putting photos on facebook' day. Oh, can I put your photos on facebook please??!!
    Great seeing you guys. Thanks heaps for coming, and I LOVED your comment in the card about days gone by!!!
    C U xxxx

  2. Looks like a prego tummy to me. You both look fantastic.

  3. You really look amazing! That color is perfect for you!

  4. you look so cute!!! love that baby belly!

    hope you had a great time!


  5. Absolutely beautiful, radiant!!
    and the mohawk is cute too!

  6. Look at the way he's looking at you! Sorry to say this, but your husband is H-O-T-T...HOTT! lol...good catch, Suz!

  7. You look amazing! Seriously, someday I hope to still look that good pregnant. And I love your hair! I'm jealous, you have real curls that can gel, mine are kinky waves that frizz or look greasy, no in between.

    What do you think of Matt's hair? Adam lets me cut his and I think would be afraid to do anything himself, but I'm curious, were the hair and facial hair styles his idea and doing? What was your reaction?

    Adam tried shaving, almost completely clean for the first time since before college and I couldn't stand it, I'm so used to the facial hair and him seeming so much bigger and tougher than me because of it that I really hated the clean shaven thing.

    Anyways, back to you looking amazing, you do, and I'm sure you will again for your sister's wedding in a few weeks.

  8. very cute dress... and it actually looks like it could be comfortable! ANYWAY. Im going around to all the mommies blogs I read to ask them to check out this new blog that I started - moms helping moms find meal ideas so I hope you check it out since the more of us there are sharing the better it will be... and if you think its a good idea please spread the word!

  9. The best part is...
    unless you see the tummy in the photo... you don't look pregnant.

  10. You look really pretty :) And I love the color of your dress!

  11. The pictures are lovely. Thanks for sharing. I particularly love the second one and the precious way Matt is looking at you. That's one to keep and enjoy for years to come. Looks like you had a wonderful time. Love you both!

  12. What a nice looking couple. Hope you had a great night out!

  13. Hey there Susie! I don't usually post, but I am definitely a regular blog follower! I have a favor to ask of you . . . I know that seems assuming of me!

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  14. WOW!!! You look beautiful Susie!!! Not so keen on Matt's hairstyle, etc. but that is nothing new - LOL!!! I guess I'm a little too old fashioned! As long as you like it that is what matters!!! You guys look so cute together!!! Hope you had a great time!!! We love you and miss you lots!!!

    Love, Pam in PA

  15. You look fantastic! That color is fabulous on you!

  16. I love dressing up! You both look wonderful!