Saturday, January 17, 2009

So you're in the know...


She thinks her future-Uncle Dahvede is the coolest ever. Especially when he willingly painted her nails one morning. That shows patience and precision on his part. :)

She's a talker. Even if there was no one on the other end of the line. She talks all day every day.
Conversation heard recently in our home:
*After watching The Story of Flibber-O-Loo, Veggie Tales story*
O: Momma I wanna see Larry Owie!
Me: You want to see what?
O: Wanna see Larry Owie!
Me: You want to watch the movie with Larry getting an owie again?
(Larry fell and landed in a hole, thus the "owie")

She loves twirling. The rest of these shots didn't turn out because she was spinning so fast, and then throwing herself on the floor. That didn't last long because I was worried about the white nature of the dress remaining that way! It has to stay clean for 3 more weeks! It's her flower girl dress for my sister Cate's wedding. I made Oceana the dress, but the bow was a fluke-find. We had been searching for material to match the bridesmaids dresses purchased from David's Bridal. We were sure we'd find something, but the closer we got, the few good options we were finding! Havalah was looking on an Ebay-type site here in NZ and happened to look up all David's Bridal apparel. And what do you know, someone was selling a flower girl sash in the exact shade of Cate's bridesmaids dresses. It was actually being sold with a flower girl dress, but Cate emailed the girl and asked to buy it separately. Lucky find... adorable sash!


(Handicaps and putters and sprigs... blah blah blah)
(I am now the proud wife of a #1 buzz and a tiny soul-patched hubby)
Frequent coffee drinker.
(Rub it in my face dear...)


Feeling baby feet around my bellybutton - in fact, I'm chasing them these days. I think that means she may be breech. I only remember feeling Joshua's feet around my bellybutton when he was breech. Hopefully she'll get herself sorted out the proper way before 36 weeks.

Getting bigger. I'll have to update my picture on Tuesday. I'll be 29 weeks. Oh wow... Between 8 and 12 weeks to go! Ak!

Rearranging our bedroom. If you were watching my Twitter, you'll know that already. I'll update on that when I've cleaned the whole room.

Took, my gestational diabetes test. I'll have the results (hopefully) on Tuesday.

When do midwives/doctors start checking position? Right around now right? Shirley (my midwife) hasn't checked her position yet. Or measured my fundal height either. But I know it's on track because I learned how to measure that ...

Wondering where I'm going to put an extra large box full of baby clothes. The "Ronson" box in the photo below is full of clothes and gear that didn't fit in the dresser. Umm.... I guess I'll have to rearrange things in Oceana's room, or else find some extra shelving.

Procrastinating. I want to finish my project upstairs (ie. the laundry...) but I'm wasting away my time.


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  1. How adorable is Oceana's dress?
    Love it!
    You amaze me Susie.
    talented girl.
    cool story about the sash.


  2. Susie,
    Your a hoot. I love reading your blog. By the way what's a twitter?
    LOLOL I'm not sure I should ask that but hey I thought I'd take a chance.

    You are so talented in your sewing. It's a beautiful little dress and the sash is beautiful.

    Keep doing what your doing and I'll check in with you later.


  3. Love the dress. You did a great job! Wow cant believe your already 29 weeks! Time flies!

  4. Hey girl thanks for the update! Glad to hear your guys are doing well!

  5. Oh she looks so beautiful in the dress! I love the story about the sash too. It's going to be a lovely wedding I'm sure. Can't wait to see it unfold.