Saturday, November 8, 2008

Roses are Red... or peach...

Not too shabby for a crappy kit lens, huh? Our neighbor's yard is FULL of roses at the moment. He's got just about every color rose in his yard. I'm in heaven. My sister proceeded to tell me, after watching me go gaa-gaa over roses, that I had become my mother (who is obsessed with roses). Well, so what!?!? They're gorgeous.

I wish I had the patience and perseverance to grow rose bushes, but I have to give credit to the retired bachelor who is my neighbor - he does a fabulous job. Until I am retired, I think I shall simply take pictures. :)

Speaking of yardwork....

We moved into this house 7 months ago. Since then I have weeded the flowerbed in front of my kitchen 2x and part of my driveway (cobblestone) once. It's very, very sad. Whoever had the house before us had the gardens in pretty good condition. There are 4 big garden beds (run the length of 3 sides of the house). They have no flowers, just bushes, grasses of sorts, and small trees. But the weeds have taken over.

I must have hit a version of nesting this week, because I suddenly decided that we had to fix this ridiculous weeded mess! Havie and I spent 4 days, 2 hours each time, on our hands and knees weeding. The first three days? We spent those on the driveway. Oh my goodness! Talk about crazy! It's a cobblestone drive way, and we only have to do our little piece (it's a shared driveway) but it still took us about 6 hours! We didn't have the right stuff, so we used screwdrivers (don't tell Matt) to scrap the weeds out from between the stones.

Blah. But I'm so proud of my yard! Woohoo! Now I don't have to be embarassed when people come to visit. I feel like Momma in Sweet Home Alabama, "I've been after Earle to WEED these shrubberies!" Heehee! Well, I finally got around to it, and I'm proud. Mum Mears - you can be proud too. :) It had to be done before you got back - I couldn't handle your disappointment. Just kidding!

I'm going to bed. Matrix Reloaded is on TV - and would you believe I am not staying up to watch it??? I actually went to the theatre to see this... Sad. My friends and I were obsessed with the first one, and we thougth Matrix 2 and 3 would be just as good. I wasn't all that impressed.


PS. In case you should think I have turned into Martha Stewart or something - while the kitchen is clean, the rice will remain on the floor - and I'm leaving laundry in various baskets (washed and wet, washed and dry, and dirty) through the house...


  1. A woman after my own heart. :)
    Isn't it a bit EARLY for nesting?????? Maybe this baby is going to be a Mr/Miss Clean Gene. LOLOL could happen.

    I wish I could write like you on my blog. No one has even commented except my daughter. LOLOL Hey at least its the person I'm sharing the blog with, right? :) Maybe it just wasn't meant to be. Oh well, I love coming and visiting yours and many others. Thanks for all the good times.

    Sonja - Fl

  2. That's a beautiful rose! And a beautiful photo of it. :)

  3. Gorgeous!
    My favorite color too.
    I make it a habit to photograph any flowers I receive... then I have them forever.

  4. Susie - You are too cute! i love your post.


  5. Thank heavens you left the rice on floor & the laundry in baskets! What would the world have come to? roflol!!! Mine is getting better too, though. Just my son's laundry & their towels are waiting to be put up!

    Great job on the weeds! One of my least favorite chores although since we live in the boondocks on Az most of our yard is weeds because we don't have the rocks in place yet! (phew! what a sentance!!!)

  6. What a beautiful picture! I love roses too, in all their beautiful colors. I'm not very good at making things grow and be beautiful though. Even the established things in my flowerbed seem to have diminished since I moved in..oh my. That's a lot of hours of weeding...don't think I would have persisted that long.

  7. Oh, the roses.... I became obsessed when I moved here to New Mexico. I had rose bushes in Vermont (even one I dug up and brought from our home in North Dakota to replant in VT!) but here... the season is so long and they are stunning.

    I can't wait for the spring when they will be back with a vengeance!

    Beautiful picture!!


  8. that picture is beautiful! I love roses too :)

  9. Love the photo, well done. Hey why don't you spray the weeds with roundup next time?! It will take you maybe a quarter of the time to get rid of them.... and a lot less sweat and tears! As for me, weeding is a swear word!!!!!

  10. Mrs. Creativity!!! I love your photos! :) The rose is beautiful....seems to me you should enter some of your photos in some photo contests:)