Monday, November 10, 2008


I tend to pull my knees up when I sit - whether that means sitting cross-legged or simply my knees by my chin. But this gets less and less possible during pregnancy. It becomes uncomfortable, and pretty unrealistic to be honest.

But this time around I've noticed that FlipFlop really doesn't like it! S/he kicks me all the time when I do it. In fact, I'm doing it right now, hoping this little one will kick me, and prove my theory right. Haha.

Our big scan is in two days. Matt and I had a conversation (more a joke than anything), wherein he (THE BABY JUST KICKED!) told me he was going to blindfold me for the scan, find out the sex, and then refuse to tell me.

What's funny is that, we both know he could keep a secret like that all the way through the pregnancy! Well, I won't be subjecting myself to a blindfold for the scan, so if we do find out - I'll tell you what it is.

Also in our conversation last night was name conversation. I thought I was doing pretty good - I had one name for each sex, and had kept them to myself for 19 weeks. That's pretty amazing, considering I'm a blabber mouth, and usually try to nail Matt down to talk about names much earlier. But after 2 pregnancies full of useless name conversations, I decided to hold off.

But, in true Matthew fashion, he shot down both my name options. Blah. Well, back to the drawing board! Looks like I need to start scanning the credits on movies again, reading more books, and scrounging around for my baby name book (who knows what country it's even in). (TBM!)

So, while I may be sharing the sex, you won't catch me giving out a name. Mostly because I like the idea of not sharing the name (having named two children on the day of the scan, or a few days afterwards) but, also because this child may not have a name when it is a week old! Ak!

I'm off to... eat Domino's Pizza, or shop for Flourless Cake ingredients, or scrub the bottom of my shower (ew ew ew ew ew!), or do my dishes, or hang out laundry, or straighten my hair, or help my sister find a job.

But, you know, my day's not FULL or anything!

PS. Pray for us tomorrow, Oceana's going for an orthopaedic consult regaring her legs. One foot turns in quite a bit (like pigeon toed, or bowed legs), and while numerous doctors and nurses have said she'll "probably" grow out of it, we'd like a specialist to tell us that so we can say, "She's been to a specialist, she's fine. She'll grow out of it!"


  1. Good luck with your scan! We're anxious to find out if FlipFlop is a boy or a girl!

  2. I will be praying things go well at Ocean's appt and also at your appt.

  3. I'll be praying. Especially for peace.

    Did your doodad get to you?

  4. I'll be praying for both Oceana's doctor visit & your ultrasound!! My 4 year old's leg were very bowed when he was little but as he got older & taller his legs straighted out, so maybe the same thing will happen w/ your Oceana!! I hope so! Anyway, good luck & I'll be thinking about ya'll!!
    Emily in Mississippi

  5. Our prayers will be there in spades for both the scan & Oceana's visit!

    As for the name? I laughed so hard. For my first we had three boys names & one girls name (we were sure it was a girl!) The baby came out & he became a "Nik". As in Nikolas. NOT one of the names we picked. For our second we again had a few boys names & a girls name. Well out she came & this time our son came in & told us she looked like a "beautiful flower girl". While looking up the name "Hannah" we found out that Hanae which is Japanese means beautiful flower. How's that for amazing? Oh & Nik was born in Germany hence the slavic spelling.

    No, I'm never surprised now when the name isn't announced until after baby is born!

  6. i love your blog. prayers are going up for your family.

  7. thinking of you tomorrow, and cant wait to hear what you are having....Im going to guess....umm? Hmmm....Im so bad at this.......Its, never mind I will be patient.
    Praying everything goes well this week.

  8. I vote for shopping for the Flourless Chocolate cake ingredients!!

    Looking forward to the news!


  9. I will pray for little Ms. Oceana. I'm sure she'll be fine :-)

    I feel ya with the name situation. We are getting NOWHERE. Every single name I like, he doesn't like. Ever name he likes, I don't like. Argh.. Girl is already picked out- has been since I was about 4, but boys name..Not so easy...

  10. Lots of Prayers for Oceanas appt and your Ultrasound : ) cant wait to hear how everything goes. Off subject.Do you watch Jon and Kate Plus 8?? The commercial just came're renewing their vows and everytime the commercial is on I tear Thank God Im not the pregnant one then I'd REALLY be a mess. Point being. If you watch the show avoid the new

  11. Yay for movement!

    My husband always hated the names I liked best too. And I hated all of his. All 3 of our children ended up with names that neither of us were wild about at first but "didn't absolutely hate". Oh well. lol Somehow they've grown into them anyway and I cant picture it any other way now.

    Praying for Oceana and for your big scan! I'll be looking forward to great news on all accounts!

  12. Soooooooooooooo cant wait for the scan, your mom and I were just talking about it, and she was like "i dont think i can wait to call her!!" and i was like "yeahhh, i'd be calling like in the middle of the night!" I still think, when you find out its a girl, lol, that you should name her Marina.. haha, ok guess not. BUT when we were preggers w/ Levi, i liked the name Morinna (the saying for goodmorning in Mouri) if he was a girl. oh well, next time. I thought thennn the middle name could be love so we would say "Goodmorning Love..." awwwww, kinda dorky i guess, haha. Alright, got to go! CANT WAIT!

  13. Praying for your scan. I hope you get no surprises except finding out if this Flipflop is a he or she.

    We are pregnant but for now I don't want to know. I'm with you with the husband shooting down names, too. It's fun find a name, though, isn't it?

    My daughter's foot does something similar...they keep telling us to wait it out as well. Please post what they tell you. People mention her foot to us all the time asking if we've noticed, too. It drives me I don't notice.

  14. Hello! I pray things go well at Oceana's appointment with the specialist! I have been reading your blog for a while now (lurking...I guess) and always wanted to ask how you pronounce Oceana's name. It is just like the work Ocean with an ahh at the end or is more like Oh-sheen-ahh? OR amy I completely off? Just curious! :-)

  15. If you do straighten your hair...I'd love to see a picture of it!! I'm so used to seeing your hair real curly!!

  16. Can't wait for the scan! I'm so excited!!! You two are so funny with the name thing. Neat thing that God helped out with Joshua's name, huh? That was a testimony that I loved to give and so many people loved hearing and were touched by it. Even my sister started telling it where she worked! Anyway, good luck with the names, and praying for Oceana.

  17. I read your blog all the time, but don't comment often ... just the odd little one, so not sure if you remember me :)

    Anyway, good luck with the scan, and like others I'm waiting with bated breath to know whether boy or girl.

    BUT, more importantly - how did Oceana's appointment go? I'm interested because our now 14yo had the foot, but not just foot, more than pigeon toed ... "thing" - he saw a few different specialists (orthopaedic, pediatrian, orthopaedic pediatrian) when he was quite little (3/4yo) and they finally decided his hips are twisted and that he'd be fine, he'd just always walk funny (and he still does) - the fixing it was too major to put someone through, just so they walked straight ;)

    Anyway, funny enough, I have been wondering lately whether we should have had him checked again ... so I'm interested to see your result as to whether their thinking has changed. I still wonder whether they should have casted him for a while, or put a brace on at night ... or something.

    So you need to let us know (just for ME! LOL).