Thursday, November 20, 2008

Pregnancy the third time around

I have to premise this post with this statement. I don't suffer much during pregnancy. I'm so sorry to you all - because I'm pretty sure that I have it the easiest of any of my friends. I'm pretty sure I'm in a very scan percentage. 

Every time people talk to me (so it seems) they ask how I feel. I think pregnant women are expected to be in utter misery (and some are!). But I'm not really one of them. 

When I was pregnant with Oceana I was pretty sick for 8 weeks. I threw up a handful of times over the first 5 months. Most of the time though, I fought nausea. I ran out of classes (I was in college/university at the time) to throw up, or sit in the hall for fresh air so that I wouldn't throw up. I had indigestion like no one's business (but was so naive I didn't know it was indigestion). Soon after I started to feel well I became uncomfortable because of all the weight I had gained. Every night I came home from work (sales) with sore feet, sore legs, and an aching back. I was miserable! I just wanted to be done with having baby! I was reading to deliver at about 32 weeks - just because I was sick of being pregnant and wanted to see my baby!

When I was pregnant with Joshua, I was sick for about two weeks. But I did feel sick at intermitant times over the next few months. I threw up while washing my hair, driving down a winding road, etc. But it was definitely easier than Oceana's pregnancy. I didn't really want to be finished with being pregnant because that meant losing Joshua. I was uncomfortable (because my ribs were jabbing my uterus!) but I was still okay at 41 weeks. 

And this time around? I haven't puked. I was close once. Because I had to empty a bucket of soaking toddler-nailed-undies. Apparently the "nail" hadn't been removed from the undies before going in the bucket. Do you get where I'm coming from? Yeah, that situation was a close call! I was nauseus for  few weeks, but it wasn't too bad. The biggest hurdle this time around has been tiredness. I have to say, I don't feel all that pregnant. Now, see, to write that makes it sound silly. I eat more (no mistaking that one), I steer away from excessive coffee, I poopoo soft cheeses and deli meat, and I have fights every morning with my clothes. 

I know the last one isn't particularly pregnancy-exclusive. But goodness gracious, this morning was ridiculous. I didn't want to wear dress pants, but didn't want to wear jeans. It was too cold for a skirt, and I was stuck. Well, too bad Susie - I wore jeans. At least today I didn't fight to pull my pants up all day (like last week)!

But I don't feel all that pregnant. I'm not miserable. Oh, I'm hungry and tired. But that can be overlooked. I'm not puking, I'm not getting up in the night to pee (yet), and I'm not getting pregnancy-face (yet). 

Do you know about pregnancy face? It's when you look at a picture of yourself and say, 'Oh, yep! See my cheeks? I was pregnant there." Ew. It's definitely an "Ew" factor. But I haven't seen it yet. Oh, be sure - I check that pesky mirror every morning. But for the moment my preggy-face is hiding in a box with my winter maternity wear. It can stay there too, for all I care. 

I keep telling people that if my pregnancies get easier each time, I'm up for more! :) 

Anyways. It's true that the third time around the maternity wear comes flying out faster. Especially if you weren't in shape when you got pregnant. Especially if you weren't in shape the last time you got pregnant. 

Next year? Next year I'm getting in shape. Mark my words. 2009 will be the year of the dieting and exercise and you my faithful readers will have to read about it. Intermingled of course with pictures of my sweetie girls! 

I really don't mind being pregnant. The thing that annoys me most? Well, there's two things of varying annoyance. 

*Weight gain (duh)

*Caffeine limits (when you are most tired you can't drink too much coffee???)


  1. You are so true about the pregnant face thing. I didn't notice it the first time I was pregnant, but the second time oh boy did I!

  2. We have very similar pregnancies - easy breezy.
    I had morning sickness but it wasn't unmanageable and I defintely had excessive tiredness. BUT!

    (there's always a but, isn't there)

    Once I started taking a food based iron, a food-based B vitamin, and Chlorophyll I was peppy again. Well, as peppy as a pregnant woman can get :)

    Yeah... the third time the baby belly is right there for everyone to see. Stomach muscles??? What stomach muscles?


  3. I have ridiculously easy pregancies, 7x, (5 kids, 2 miscarriages), and I don't think I've ever puked (okay I have a puking phobia, I haven't puked since I was pregnant with the last one and overdosed on chippies and dip ;)). Never a problem while pregnant, just the usual wee bit of heartburn and tiredness in the first few months.

    By the time I got to the end I was still feeling good and wondering why people were asking if I'd had enough yet!

    and that's why I tell a lot of people not to listen to all the bad stories that everyone seems to want to hear, maybe I'm just a lucky one in a million, but I'm sure that there are more like that than me.

    *sigh* ... no more babies, though - our family is complete, but I wouldn't say no to more babies! LOL

  4. Oh, and, I meant to comment on your post the other day - I've had all sorts of comments, was 22yo with our first, so got the gosh you're young (quiet glance to check for wedding ring) comments, pregnant with 4th after 3 boys I got the "are you pregnant again because you're trying for a boy" comments, finally when I was pregnant with the 5th and absolutely dreading the comments, surprisingly we got mostly really good ones - most of them were Wow! you're amazing but you're both such great parents, congratulations comments :) :)

    I still get the "wow, 5!" (4 to 5 seems to be such a big step for most people to take in), but people just know that we're nuts now! LOL

  5. I'm a happy preggo lady too. I thought it was so sweet...Jason's aunt told me at our family christmas party (when I was literally a day prior to going into labor, and was 39 weeks 5 days) said "you are such an adorable pregnant person, it just suits you! You should stay pregnant all the time!" Well, I don't know about the last part, but I do have easy pregnancies (for the most part, I had pre-term with my son, but he was born fine at 37 weeks 6 days,) but I *knocks on wood* don't get morning sickness, don't get that sore, and I gained just 23 lbs exactly with each of my kids...I totally hear ya on the preggy face though, I could totally do without it!

    Something I wanted to share that I thought was a little funny...I saw another reader posted about running a daycare, well, as you may know, I also run a daycare, and I watch my step-sister's daughter who is 3 days older than my which i always get asked "are they twins" and I always say, "they're three days apart" and they look at me, and start thinking so then I say "yeah, it was a long labor." Then I laugh and explain that *really* she is just a friends daughter, and 3 days older than my son, but it's hilarious! Next, I wanted to share another rude story...when I was pregnant with Coby, Jason and I went to the auto parts store and we saw a girl that Jason went to middle school with and she says "when are you due?" and I tell her and she rudely says "boy or girl" and then...and this is the kicker...she says "are you even married?" We got pregnant 3 months after we got married, I m/c my first the week of our wedding, we were 21 when we got married, and this comment just irked me! I so badly wanted to say "no, I'm 16 so we can't get married yet" but instead I just held out my ring. I got comments from close family and friends too that new about the m/c that it was "better" this way since that way my first was born after we were, my first was born at 13 weeks 2 days, and i could care less if I was pregnant with her before we got married, I would give anything to be holding her now. Jason and I know though that it was God's plan, and that we wouldn't have our two children if we had her, so we feel blessed, but still sad, which is really hard to explain, but I know you understand. ;) Well, I need to go to bed! Blessings!

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