Saturday, November 29, 2008

Beat that

Make me feel a little less strange.

Pregnancy craving: Cottage cheese and Spanish olives

On another note: Managed to clean the lounge and dining room, make lasagna, start sewing a dress for Oceana, do the dishes, a load of laundry, and go to church.

I think I'll go get the Christmas tree out of the attic. Except that our 2nd floor doesn't have a lot of airflow, so it's stifling hot up there today.

My heart goes out to you Jen - I know it's hotter where you are - but I also know you have AC. :)


  1. Oh my gosh, it's nasty at the moment... and our church doesn't have aircon... Adam was soaked with sweat just from soundcheck this morning! But then we came home... AHHHHHHH... we'd turned on ALL of them and opened all the doors before we left... and come home to an igloo... bliss, I tell you what.

  2. Hey Sister

    I nominated you for a bloggy award. Love you :)

  3. Hmm...when I was pregnant with my first, I bought and then consumed an entire jar of pepperocini peppers in one sitting. (I would NOT recommend that to anyone - I suffered greatly the next day!)

    Sounds like you were very motivated today! Isn't it nice when you actually get a lot of the stuff you wanted to do DONE on the day you wanted to do it?!? Good work!

    We have A/C at our house - but when it's only 30 degrees (F) outside, you really don't need it...LOL

  4. When I was pregnant I craved orange juice and grape drink!

  5. Asiago cheese (which smells like FEET crossed with VOMIT) and lemonade.

    Pregnancy is weird isn't it?

    Stay cool, don't be up in the attic too long. You don't need to get yourself overheated.

  6. I could only eat a few things without throwing up.
    I loved this combo: Maui bbq chips(hot) and soy sausage patties. I live on these things

  7. My hubby loves to eat what I call "eyeball casserole". He mixes cottage cheese, applesauce and green olives (with pimentos). I don't know how he eats it, but he claims its delicious...and he's not even pregnant. lol

  8. Alright Susie, Let me see if I can top that.
    Everyday Slaw dog from Dairy Queen was my lunch. It included a kosher dill pickle LARGE, sweet tarts and Icy drink with slim jim sitting in it. Yes, Yes I know, very unhealthy for me and the baby. I couldn't understand it. That was the only thing that would stay down for the first 4 months.
    Other than that, just the typical watermelon in October (can't find it in florida easily) with hot chocolate. Yeah.... that one was a trip when people saw me but the sweet taste of the watermelon and the chocolatey taste of hot chocolate was just AWESOME.

    Now...... You have lots more energy than I do. Koodo's to you. Your doing great. Just be careful in the hot spots and lifting and moving and all that other stuff your supposed to be careful of while your pregnant. Just Be Careful and take care. Would love to see more photos of Oceana she is growing so fast and is so precious.

  9. That craving actually sounds good! mmmm...I love baby dill pickles and olives...but I like that with or without baby in belly! My craving right now are those peppermint crunch Andes mints! mmmmm!! They're white chocolate and the bottom is delicious. Okay I need to STOP talking about food!haha

  10. With my first it was milk. Not a little. Im talking 4 litres would last me a day. MAYBE 2.

    My second was those NERD candies. ECH. A box a day :)

    And my third was anything Healthy. Like Salad... I have never ate more salad in my life which is probably why I gained 60lbs with the first,45 with the second and only 27 with the

    As for Olives eek.I cant stand them but all the power to you mamma!

  11. I am a huge fan of Sour Patch Kids and Strawberries right now...the trouble is that here in Pennsylvania, strawberries are certainly NOT in season! :-)

    When I was pregnant with Asher I HAD to have one of those Hostess Lunch Box know the gross ones with the fruit filling and the glaze on the outside? Howard went and got me four of them...I ate them all in one sitting and was so sick, I doubt I will EVER eat one again!

  12. Mmm...lasagne. Made that when your parents were here. Don't make it often, but so good. Sounds like you're feeling good and that's good to know. We had 2 inches of snow when we left for vacation and came back to rain and 34 degrees...ugh!!! Wish I were in New Zealand.

  13. are you serious??? thats what i ate for lunch every day when i lived @ your house @ the beach pregnat w/ Miles!!! hahahaha, sooooo funnny....

  14. I'm cottage cheese and dill pickles. But I would definitely be doing the spanish olives if I had them!

  15. Susie, no joke, my craving right now is Jellied crandberry sauce, pickles, and olives....must be craving the salt!

  16. I craved Healthy Choice salsbury steak with mushrooms and gravy with a side of mash potatoes. But it had to be stirred together in a bowl until it was smooth (you know like some people do ice cream before they eat it?)

    It totally grossed my husband out!