Saturday, November 29, 2008

Sunday morning

Pohutukawa trees are beautiful. Unfortunately I am also allergic to them. And even more unfortunately for me, they are everywhere. Here's a link to a pohutukawa tree. They bloom around Christmas, so they look amazing. But they kill me. And every year I remember all over again why I hate them.

I thought allergy season (for me) was over, but I'm contemplating taking something to combat the sneezy-watery-eye-can't-take-Oceana-to-the-park-ness. We'll see, I'll have a chat with my midwife today. Shirley - my midwife - is also a member of my church, so I can catch her on Sunday if I need to. :) Oh, and she's on my facebook too... which is always great. And I have her cellphone, and her home number,.... ok - My point? She's awesome! And I can always get hold of her if I need her.

I'm working on a variety of projects at the moment - knitting baby socks, baby sweaters, dreaming up a summertime Christmas dress for Oceana (out of a size 3 dress that was so lovingly given to me... Ha! *Pardon me while I snort* That ain't happening!). So I'm cutting it apart and making a new dress.

Plans for the day include (but will not be limited to):

Getting out the Christmas tree and finding a good place for it.
Searching the attic for Christmas decorations (I'm convinced they aren't there, but I'll still look).
Clean up the lounge/dining room. Wow - it's our high traffic living area and it dissolves fast!
Making lasagne. I've never made lasagne in New Zealand, and possibly - ever - so that should be an adventure.
Sew a dress for Oceana.
Start the other side of the cardigan for the new baby.
Take some pictures while I'm at it? Maybe... I'm having a good hair day. :)


  1. Those trees are very pretty! I can imagine, though, how bad your allergies would be!

    If you have time, do you think you could do a post on the traditions of an NZ Christmas compared to an American Christmas?

  2. Those trees look amazing. My son would so be drooling over climbing the one. I hear ya about the allergies though. It's winter for pete's sake & we've still got plants that are blooming. I walk around sounding like I have a 3 pack a day habit! lol

    Good luck w/ all of the Christmas stuff. We're pretty much done w/ what I'm doing inside. Just have to get something done on the outside now.

  3. Those trees are lovely. Too bad they cause you so many problems! Can you get Rhinocort nasal spray in New Zealand? I'm in Australia and it's about the only thing I can take that works and is safe during pregnancy/breastfeeding. I hope you find some relief soon:)