Monday, December 1, 2008

Not Me Monday

I like joining in on Not Me Monday over at My Charming Kids. It's good - free - therapy, just like she markets it!

Here is what I did not do this week:

I did not forget the eggs in the pumpkin pies until it was about ready to go into the oven and then whip eggs into the pastry-filled pies - so as not to waste the filling.

I did not forget the sugar in the SAME pies until after one had already gone through the oven.

I did not whip the sugar into the remaining two pies so as to not waste the filling.

I did not scoop the already-baked pie filling into a saucepan, stir it up with an extra egg and half a cup of sugar - so as to .... you guessed it... not WASTE the filling!

I did not serve them either.

I did not put up the Christmas tree and then leave it, as there were no decorations to put on it.

I did not pull out all sorts of scraps and butcher a pillow so I could make new decorations.

I did not make my sister trace shapes off of her computer's google images for those new decorations.

I did not wear non-preggo jeans simply because I think they look better. The baby did not kick at them repeatedly. I did not get a stomach ache from wearing them. I did not take them off later in the day and opt for maternity jeans because I was so miserable.

I do not plan to do that again.

I am not panicky about Christmas, presents, food, baking, decorations, etc. That would be silly. I still have 3 1/2 weeks left to do all of that.

I did not spend the majority of my evening last night knitting a baby sweater. I'm more exciting than that.

I did not put tape on my bra's underwire to keep it from poking me. I did not resew it when I got home from work, since the tape [obviously] worked so well!

I do not need to buy a new one. No way. It fits perfectly. I am not in denial.

All that to say. I hope there's some stuff you didn't do this week. Join in on the free therapy!


  1. Love the tape on the underwire. I would NOT have done something similar. Great NMM's. Happy Holidays. God Bless.

  2. Great list. I can see you now in the kitchen so frustrated about all the ingredients you forgot to put in the pies. Too funny.

  3. Very funny about the bra...I've done the same thing!

  4. Great stories! I have "never" forgotten to put the baking soda in my chocolate chip brownies and then pulled them out of the oven when they had been in for about 10 min to add it worked too :)

    Good luck with the Christmas preparations!!

  5. I love this... did not, do not... kind of post. Sounds like you are my kinda girl especially in the kitchen. I do not make those kind of mistakes. Ü