Friday, October 31, 2008

Answers & a Meme

1. Meme I was tagged in by This Beautiful Mess. 22 Things I love:
a. Matt,
b. Oceana,
c. Joshua,
d. God (not necessarily in this order),
f. coffee,
g. my Canon Rebel XTi,
h. my hair on good days,
i. salad with oil, vinegar, and garlic, herbs, and sea salt (this week),
j. my extended families,
k. Fitting into my skinny jeans well (long ago),
l. stalking (ie. NZ's Ebay),
m. getting my baby girl up and realising she's dry three nights in a row :),
n. listening to my baby girl laugh,
o. tickling her,
p. a clean house (not that I'm going to get up and CLEAN it!),
q. good reports at the midwife,
r. good reports on babies (my cousin Natalie's son is healthy and MckMama's son Stellan is in PERFECT health),
s. my cellphone,
t. taking photos,
u. creating,
v. reading a good book in bed.

Answers to a few questions:

Have I had dark hot chocolate? No, but thank you for adding to the list of stuff I need to try! :)

Have I felt the baby? Yes, for a few weeks now I've noticed a few slightly movements. Nothing big, for sure, but definitely baby.

What are doublers? In reference to cloth diapers, doublers are an extra absorbant layer you put in the diaper (particularly good for overnight or heavy wetters).

And with several comments about your favourite movies, I thought I'd give you a quick list of "good movies". I have a hard time picking "favourites".

Never Been Kissed, The Devil Wears Prada, Sweet Home Alabama, Bride & Prejudice (you read that right), Pride & Prejudice (the 6 hour version), Just Married, and The Wedding Planner. Yeah, I'm a girly-movie-watcher. But I watch plenty of non-girl movies. Matt loves the Bourne movies, Pirates of the Caribbean (spare me, I hate them now, because he watches them too often), and other guy-ish movies.


  1. I love movies too!
    and we like almost all of the exact same movies... Anne of Green Gables is one of my favorites.

  2. Susie, You have a REBEL camera..... ?????? AWESOME.... I want one so much. My camera is old (actually it is my daughters I kinda confiscated for a few years. lolol) I want a camera that does continuous shutter speed. I love action pics with my niece. She is going to be 3 on Dec 2. She's a cutie too.

    As for your likes..... cool. I just had to comment on the camera. If you would email me and let me know what you think of the camera and let me know what features it has that you like. I've done some study on it, but since I really can't afford it these days, I just dream and drool. :) LOLOLOL

    Glad to hear you and baby are doing good. Give that cutie Oce a Hugga Bug from across the ocean in Florida. LOLOLOL She just looks so cute you just want to hug her. :)


  3. You like many of the same girlie movies I like! Have you ever seen Uptown Girls? It's another one of my favs., along with Disney's Enchanted, The Notebook, The Little Rascals and so many more!

  4. Bride & Prejudice is great! Have you seen Lagaan?

  5. Loved reading the things you love! I love the movie Bride and Prejudice too!

  6. I hate the pirates movies too