Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pumpkin Pies

Just thought I'd share what I'm up to today. I do not claim to be particular good at baking. But I'm a willing participant - which is probably more important.


  1. You crack me up!

    When you said last night you were making pumpkin pies I had no idea you were making THAT MANY!!

    You go, Queen of the Pumpkin Pie!

    I've been trying to get the nerve to do some vblogging myself, haven't gotten brave enough yet. You make it look so easy, I just may do it yet!

    Happy Thanksgiving (??)!


  2. Oh Susie,

    That was wayyyyyy to coollllll.
    You do things like I do.... In LARGE quantities sometimes. LOLOLOL Mine was making pancakes for a NJROTC group of over 110 kids and now I make goodies for 120 chorus students in HIGH SCHOOL> They like things like, Origami, candy, always get pencils, erasers and fun stuff for holidays. You are BUSY. Just thought I'd share my fun with you. I know you have to be having a blast. Enjoy but don't over do yourself. I'm glad to hear you DIDN'T eat cookies for breakfast and such.... lololol
    God Bless

  3. I would say watch out Rachael Ray... but she is not a baker and will not in any way feel threatened. However, Martha Stewart meet Susie!

  4. I love how down to earth you are! Oh & I still call my mom about things (sick kids & cooking are my top ones!) I'm in my early 40's & I was an EMT! How's that for funny?

    And I've never made pumpkin pie let alone from scratch!!! I even cheat on my pie crust. Isn't that sad?

  5. OK, this video seals it. You officially ROCK, girl. I adore your personality. :)

    Oh, and you're brave for taking care of a toddler, I'm sure you're tired from gestating AND you're baking a million pies. Brave.

    Allison in Baton Rouge, LA

  6. Wow, 11 pumpkin pies from scratch...impressive!

    (btw, you did wash your hand after licking your finger, right?! LOL!) ;)

  7. Your awesome, love the Video Blogging.

  8. Amuse myself!? What!?! My 2 yo wants to listen to you again. Or maybe she just doesn't want to go to bed!

    That's quite a little pumpkin project you've got going on!

  9. Holy wow! I though when i made 4 from scratch the year before last that, that was a lot! =) It's awesome to know that someone else my age likes to bake, and knows how to make pumpkin pie from scratch! You sound different than I imagined, but definitely in a good way! ;)