Sunday, October 12, 2008

Not Me Monday

Over at My Charming Kids, MckMama is expecting a very special little boy, named Stellan. Stellan may or may not have some difficulties with his heart after he's born in just 2 1/2 weeks. She's a pretty cool Mama with three kids she calls Big Mac, MckNugget, and Small Fry. Stellan is also called MckMuffin. Pretty cute, I have to say!

All that to say - she's got this cool thing she does called "Not Me Monday". And since it's keeping with my style, I decided I'd join in this week.

So, this week I would like to tell you that:

I did not eat every meal on the floor in front of the TV while Matt was gone.

I did not eat 6 or 7 Monster Cookies (peanut butter, chocolate chips, and oatmeal) on Saturday.

I did not eat several of those cookies for breakfast.

I did not buy lettuce for $2 a head, just because I was that desperate for a good salad.

I did not eat several spoonfuls of raw cookie dough [because that is not acceptable for a pregnant woman]!

I did not do a blog video looking my absolute worst.

I did not sew part of a dress for Oceana, instead of clean my house.

I did not bake 11 pumpkin pies.

And no matter what anyone tells you, I did not do several tour jetes while 14 weeks pregnant.

If you want to join in, follow over to MckMama's blog and Mr. Linky in.


  1. Those monster cookies sound fabulous.!!!
    the pumpkin pies sound good too. bet your kitchen was smellin awesome!

  2. Your post did not just leave me desperately wanting some cookies or pumpkin pie!

  3. I would "never" sew instead of clean. I most certainly have not done that very thing for about 2 weeks now. You have a beautiful family!

  4. What an amazing story and trial you have been through. Joshua is beautiful. I love his little fingers by his mouth.


  5. Ha.

    I did not turn every single aircon in my house to 18 degrees and evey celing fan on as fast as it will go.

    I did not do as little as possible all day.

    I did not look at the brothel that is my house and go "....meh."

    I did not eat two cold roast lamb sandwiches for lunch.

  6. I love eating in front of the tv.. even though they say not too..

    11 pumpkin pies.. you have been busy..

  7. LOVED reading your blog! OK I was really chuckling over eating the cookie dough...LOL

  8. Can you ship one of those pumpkin pies to Texas? Yummy!!!!

  9. I have a draft saved of a not me monday post, but Im too chicken to post it. Can I really admit these things to the whole world?!?!?!

    Love your post!

  10. The highway to hell is paved with Lattes and monster cookies, I swear it. Well, there might be some french fries and burgers there, too. Maybe.

  11. Ok, I found your blog through MckMamas, and I am just rolling laughing... I have a song from the kids Vacation Bible school CD completely stuck in my head... all day now... and to quote.... "Be strong and courageous, Do not be terrified, do not be discouraged for the Lord your God will be with you, whereever you go.... whereever you go !" All day in my head, and then I open your blog.... hmm. He leads us in mysterious ways. I will be praying for you and your family.

  12. I am NOT leaving your blog hungry... and I am NOT blessed for having read just a bit of your story! Will be praying for you!



  13. Oh Susie I haven't checked in for a while and today I discover that you are expecting baby number three! Huge congratulations there sweets, that is the most wonderful news.

    I will be following much more closely from now on!

  14. Great post, adorable family, my heart goes out to you. I love cookie dough too.

  15. Susie, I found your site through MckMama's. Too funny! I, too, have been making pumpkin pies. Yummy!! But, alas, no cookies at this house....maybe tomorrow.

    On a serious note, your Joshua is precious. What a blessing to have been able to have him for so long. I will be praying for Baby #3.


  16. Thanks for mentioning MckMama...she's a good friend of my sister. Hope all is good with your pregnancy...prayers with you and your family!