Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Archiving a Legend

I was 7 years the first time I set eyes on an American Girl doll. It was Lindsay's doll, Molly McIntyre. Molly had a cute sweater and skirt combination and a funky little beret. She wore glasses and pigtail braids. Her father was away fighting in WWII. This doll was unlike my baby dolls. This was a big girl doll! A doll with a story! A doll with books! A doll with (dare I say it) accessories! Furniture! Merchandise!

I began reading the American Girl books right away. I sped through Molly McIntyre's 6 books, then Samantha's. Felicity caught my eye, and on to Kirsten Larson. I fell in love with Kirsten, the blond-haired, blue-eyed Swedish girl who felt alone in the world. Over the next few years, I breathlessly awaited the books from Addy, and Josefina too. Apparently there are more now - but they must have been after my little girl days.

I subscribed to the (merchandise) magazine and fell in love with the Kirsten doll! All 18" of her!

I was ten years old before I ever got my doll. My parents were smart people, and unwilling to spend $90 (yes, $90) on a doll. I worked by butt off to pay for that doll. As a 10 year old 80lb girl, I mowed out (rather enormous) lawn all summer to pay for that doll! Oh the joy! She had boots, socks, pantaloons (like boxers, but longer), a dress, apron, and loopy braids that tied up. I was in such a hurry to own my doll that I did not care to save any longer for her accessories (her bonnet and such). I was thrilled to just get my doll.

I started a trend though. My sisters soon after owned their own dolls (via saving and birthday money) - Cate chose a Look-Like-Me doll and Havalah chose Addy.

But very soon after I purchased Kirsten, I felt the need to grow up. Kirsten is still in pretty good condition, mostly because I did not buy her when I was 7. My sister Havalah has brushed Addy's hair so much over the yars that the poor thing is suffering from male-pattern baldness.

But Lainey (a blog reader) informed the world tonight via her facebook status that Samantha, the turn of the 20th century doll is soon to retire.

I am appalled. Granted, Samantha's probably not the most interesting story to read - industrial revolution and child labor - but she's an American Girl doll! Can you really archive a doll? Especially one I grew up with? Do you understand that archiving one of these dolls means that you will soon do the same to mine! And then I will feel OLD!?!?!

Anyways. Tell me:

Did you own an American Girl doll?

Have you bought your daughter an American Girl doll?

Or have you simply been hounded by your daughter for an American Girl doll? (Stay strong Momma, stay strong!)


  1. I'm going to show my age. American Girl Dolls were not around when I was little. They came after I was grown. :)

    My daughter loved reading the books and has always wanted a doll but I was not able to get her one. She understood it was alot of money that we just did not have the luxury of spending on a doll. She is now soon to be 20 years old and I know she still loves her dolls especially her porcelain dolls but she also never complained because she didnt' get the doll she wanted.
    Enjoy your doll. I still have my Curious George (original) and my first baby doll. I am 43 years old and love looking at them. I am sharing my doll house with my great niece who is 3. It's really cool to watch.

  2. I don't comment here...well, ever. BUT, this is too funny. I have an 11 year old daughter, two years ago she would have offered her left arm, to own an American Girl doll. We would/could NEVER pay that much for a doll. Anyway, a family in our church gave us one...it was in the orginal box, looked never touched (this little girl was clearly NOT into dolls) so I did it, I gave it to my daughter for Christmas! She had no idea who Kirsten was. She asked me several times how I decided which one to give her...oh the decisions we make and then wish we had done it differently.
    Anyway, that's my Kirsten story...it's our secret, right? Emma still doesn't know!

  3. I had Kirsten too! In fact, I think she is still packed away (with her bed and all of her accessories) in a closet at my mom's house. We even had matching nightgowns... haha.

  4. No American Girl doll for me; I'm much too old. I have enjoyed seeing my nieces enjoy their AG dolls. Alas, my two teenaged boys never had the desire. This summer my husband and I vacationed in New York City. For blocks around the AG Store we saw parents laden with AG bags and little girls with a new dolly in their arms and the biggest brightest smiles you can imagine. We're now hoping for a granddaughter some day so we can introduce her to AG dolls.

  5. I had/have two of them.
    My grandparents bought me Samantha for my 8th birthday. My parents wouldn't spend the money, but my grandparents tried to buy one for me at 6 and my mom made them wait until I had "earned" it by reading all the books and writing a report on each of them. There's a homeschool mom for you :)
    I saved Birthday, Christmas, chore money for a year and bought myself Kirsten at 91/2ish, so probably around the same time you got yours.

    Both my dolls are in fairly good condition. I had to take Kirsten's braids out once after unlooping them and having something catch the braid and mess it all up, but her hair is still in pretty good shape. Samantha's was the victim of sponge rollers. Dolls hair does not sponge roll like humans! But what 8 year old knows that? At least I didn't submit her to a curling iron like one of my poor barbies. :)

  6. I did not own an American Girl doll, but my two younger sisters did. Also, my MIL bought my 2 (yes 2) year old a Samantha doll. She is a mess due to the 2 year old style of playing, but enjoyed. I can't believe that they are retiring her!!! That is so sad!

  7. Oh, how badly I wanted a Kirsten Doll! My parents were poor and we didn't earn money for chores, so my dreams were never realized, but I spent hours upon hours poring over that catalogue.
    My sister coveted Samantha. I can't believe they are archiving her. How incredibly sad.

  8. I myself have not owned an american girl doll, but my 2 girls each have 2. Westin my 7 yr old, has a "bitty baby"(she got her when she was too young for a big girl doll) and has a "look alike doll". Alayna my 11 yr old has Molly (Alayna had glasses too when she got her, and dolls with glasses are hard to find!) and she has Nikki (she came with a dog and lives in Colorado!)

    But now let's talk about the american girls stores, here in the US, at least, They are something to behold, you can have tea with your doll, go to the beauty salon where GROWN WOMEN are doing hair on dolls complete with haircut chair and little capes. My husband was sitting near the front of the store when i saw the beauty salon and I had to go get him, just so he would believe me!

    And let's not forget the American Girl hospital where you can send your precious companion after your brother get's ahold of it or your dog has his way with it.
    comes home with crutches and a wrist band. = )

    They are something i tell you!

  9. I never owned one but I wanted one SO BADLY! I loved them when I was growing up! Kirsten was the first one I discovered.

    My cousins read and love them now. They have a few of the dolls.

  10. Hi. I'm a reader, (from Virginia) but never commented before because I really didn't have anything to say.
    Myself and all of my sisters (I have 5) own American Girl dolls. The deal my parents worked out is that we save up for the doll and they pay for shipping. We own almost all of the dolls, as a family. One of my sisters even has two. I personally own Kit, though she is currently in a box in my closet at home because I am in college.

  11. Oh, and I agree, it's sad to retire the Samantha doll, it's like retiring us, cause she's from our childhoods, and we're far from old enough to be retired!

  12. I read all the books, droolled over the catalogs but never got one. Kirsten was my favorite too. In fact, we were cleaning out the attic the other day and found all the books. I saved them in hopes that one day Chloe will fall in love with them too. I was even tempted to buy her an AG doll for Christmas this year but then got my senses straight and realized it would really be ME I would be buying the doll for!

    By the way, when I loved in Chicago (at the age of 21) I couldn't WAIT to go to the AG store. It was amazing. I think I was the only grown woman there on her own, but I still had so much fun.

  13. Oh my goodness! I loved American Girl! I had one of the Look-Like-Me dolls. I even subscribed to their magazine. I'm kinda sad that they're retiring Samantha. I loved them all...
    Thanks for bringing back the memories :)

  14. They didn't have these when I was young (so that shows you what old is). However, I have seen them on TV. I have loved when these dolls are on the news and I get to learn more about them.

    Until this morning I thought they were only created about 8 years ago... then I found out that they started selling them by mail order in 1986. I can't believe I never even bought one for my girls.

    Guess it's not too late.


  15. I had the Kirsten doll, I got her for my 10th birthday. My best friends had Molly, Samantha and Felicity - we thought we were cool in 4th and 5th grade when we would bring our dolls to school.

  16. Susie,

    This is Joyce in Boise. My daughter Andrea, who is now 24, got her Kristen doll when she was 8. I bought an unfinished chest and doll bed and painted it myself to save money. At the time, AG was offering clothes patterns also, so I purchased the Kristen and Samantha patterns (ny niece's doll) and sewed the whole line for Christmas for pennies. My 13 year old, Annie, got her design-her- own doll ( dark brown hair, light blue eyes) when she was 7. I used the patterns again. Then she got a Kaya doll when she was in 4th grade. She was studying Idaho History and Kaya is a Nez Perce Indian ( one of our local tribes). Several years later, she gave her Kaya doll and all of the accessories to her 4th grade teacher because her doll had a couple of the traditional costumes and the traditional teepee that the Nez Perce used. My youngest daughter is 7. We adopted her from China and I looked at a AG doll for her also, but the look just wasn't right. I found a doll from the Karito Kids line for her. It is a line of ethnic dolls. Mikayla's doll could be her twin. The best thing is that my patterns and the patterns in the stores for AG dolls fit this doll also.

    That's my AG story.

    Joyce Hartley
    Boise, ID

  17. Ahhh, American Girl dolls. My daughter (who is now 27) has Samantha. She was a Christmas Gift from her Grandma. Grandma bought Lisa collectable dolls and Samantha was never played with, just lovingly displayed in her curio cabinet.

    After Lisa got her doll I wanted one. Keep in mind that I was a 40 something grownup at the time. But, Samantha looked like I had always imagined my daughter would look like. (Lisa has red curly hair and hazel eyes.) So one year I bought the doll for myself, wrapped her up, and put her under the tree from Santa. My Samantha has also never been played with. But I sure enjoy looking at her. I would love to have some of the other AG dolls. Elaine

  18. Oh, Susie, you are so NOT old! I remember when Cabbage Patch Kids came out (I was 8)! We didn't even have cd's until I was grown. I also remember when VCR's and microwaves came out. I know it feels like it, but wait until Oce's 12 - then you'll feel old. hehe.

  19. Oh man, this post brought back memories. In my family, we each had an American Girl doll. I had Samantha, and my sisters had Kirsten, Molly, and Felicity. I read the books over and over. Some friends of mine and I even made an "American Girls Club" where we would meet, play dolls, and have mini tea parties.

    I'm appalled that they are retiring Samantha!!! Yes, that officially makes me feel old too.

  20. American Girl Dolls,
    Well my oldest daughter wanted one for a long long time, however I am also not willing to spend that kind of money on a doll. At the age of 7 she then convinced her sister that seh had to have one as well the baby of the family could care less.
    Well she took up making painted rocks and selling htem to her relaitives, when asked what she was making money for she said and American Girl Doll for her sister for her bday. Well everyone bought them off her and she had eventually enough money to buy one doll. Well being 7 I figured she would changer her mind after all she had been dying to own one for years. Well time comes and she has me fill out the order form NOT for the doll she wanted but the one her little sister wanted. We tried to talk her out of it knowing that I truly couldnt afford one, and she insisted and was proud to prsent her little sister with teh doll on her bday.
    We scrimped, we saved, and went without extras and things that year to afford an american girl doll for my oldest dd for her bday as her selflessness was just to incredible not to be rewarded.
    We now have two tossed in a closet some where adn my third daughter never showed an intrest.

  21. I had Kirsten!! My sister got Felicity, but her head fell off soon after she got her. She got a replacement for free but she was forever traumatized by the whole experience.

  22. My friend bought an American Girl Doll for her daughter when she was 4. It was expensive but she wanted her daughter to have one because she never had any "good" dolls as a child - they were all hand-me-downs from her older sister. She also bought a ton of outfits & tons of accessories to go with it. BJ (my friend) was always changing its clothes for Carley (her daughter), making sure the doll & its stroller went with Carley everywhere, sat in its highchair @ meals, etc. I felt bad when I had to point out to BJ that she cared more about the doll than Carley did. BJ reluctantly put the doll, its clothes & its accessories in a plastic tote with a lid never to be played with again. Although I think BJ secretly pulled it out of the attic to play with it. :o)

  23. First off, I haven't been to your blog in forever (its on my google reader) and I love the makeover!

    I still have my Kirsten and Molly dolls packed away at my parents house. They are in excellent condition and very much loved. I can't remember what all accessories I have but they still have a special place in my heart.

    I'm a part-time nanny for a family and their two youngest have the make-your-own dolls. I saw them the other day and it made my heart melt. I also saw the magazine recently and I'm just blown away by how much has changed with that company.

    I live close to NYC now and one day I'd love to go to the American Girl store just to marvel in the amazement. I'm saddened they are retiring Samantha. She's going to be a hot item I bet.

  24. I always wanted one but was never able to get one due to money. My oldest daughter wanted an American Girl doll for a while, so for Christmas this last year she finally got one at the age of 10. She loves her so much. She is a look alike one and she even has glasses like my daughter. I am not really crafty, so my mother and aunt have made her doll a ton of clothes. My almost five year old daughter wants one as well, but will have to wait a least another year to get one. I know she will love her just as much as my oldest does. :-)

  25. I had Felicity. I loved the magazine. We were poor and I would just dream and dream about what I would do if I ever got to own a doll. I got Felicity when I was 9, so 17 years ago.

    Addy was my favorite story but my mom thought I liked Felicity more.

    Thanx for the memories.

  26. Yep, I own Kirsten and my rich grandmother had to buy her for me for Christmas, haha:) I wanted ALL of her bedroom sets and accessories. That never happened, but I do have pictures of my hair braided and looped just like Kirsten's! Oh the shame, haha

  27. I had one of the look alike dolls. It is actually up in my daughters closet. I will probaby give it to her when she is 4 or 5. I used to LOVE looking at the catalogs. I always really wanted one of the bitty baby's and all the stuff that came with them. You can tell I was meant to be a mommy ;)

  28. This may shock you, but we have 6 bitty babies and 5 american girl dolls in our house. It started innocently enough. When my girls were 2&3 we got them bitty babies, they were so much nicer than any doll we could buy at a toy store. My MIL had a blast buying clothes and accessories for the girls and those dolls were well loved. When my son was 2 1/2, his sisters insisted we get him his own baby, so we got the asian baby, dressed him in boy clothes that I had made and called him Sam! When the girls were about 7&8, my MIL wanted to buy them AG dolls, they chose Addy and Josephina (to add to our already multicultutal home, the babies were white, hispanic and asian). When AG introduced the doll of the year, Lindsey, she looked just like my oldest, so we got her for Christmas. To be fair our second daughter got Kaya. Not long after we had our fourth, a girl and you guessed it, her sisters decided she needed a baby, so another bitty baby found its way to our house. When our youngest got old enough, she questioned why her doll did not have hair, about that time bitty twins were introduced. So Annie and Alex joined the crowd. As our youngest got older, a neighbor gave her a Kit doll that she never played with. During this whole time, my MIL got beds, clothes, changing table and accessories for all of them!!!!!!!
    They have been wonderful dolls and with the exception of Josephina, whose leg fell off 3 times, and then the doll got replaced, they have been very well made. Tell you sister that if she wants, she can send her doll in and they will replace the head, unfortunately they are not able to replace the hair, but they will replace the head. When they come back from the doll hospital, they are wearing a hospital gown, wrist band and have a get well balloon.

    so that is how my family has come to be the home for 5 AG and 6 bitty babies.

    congratulations on your little flip flop,

  29. I'm afraid that I'm of the era of the first poster. American Girl did not exist! Never fear I had a doll that filled that need although she was much less expensive. I had a Chrissy doll. She had long red hair that you could make short or long again, a turquise dress & matching shoes. She also had a sister named Velvet who had blond hair (my older sister had her).

    My mom ended up getting rid of lots of the old toys she had floating around from 5 daughters & poor Chrissy was one of the ones to go. Since then I have purchased a replacement from Ebay. I Love that doll!

    I would LOVE to buy my daughter an American Girl doll but she's not interested. She loves Barbie & Princesses all the way! Sigh. I really wanted to relive part of my childhood again. lol

  30. Somehow I managed to read all the books (I'm just a few years older than you) but never owned a doll. Guess I was too old by the time I discovered them. My daughter will be 3 in December and her grandmother (my MIL) has been begging to get her an American Girl Doll. I haven't caved yet, but recently found out that she got her one for her birthday anyway. Not sure which one, but I'm sure my daughter will be thrilled. ~Melanie from MI

  31. Probably my most disappointing birthday was when I got a doll, not an American Girl one. I was a tom-boy and NEVER played with dolls. Fast forward to today - I have three daughters who love dolls. I'm almost 40 but I didn't even know what American Girls were until my oldest got a Bitty baby from grandma for Christmas. I'm not far from a store so we went up and bought Mia for a birthday present this weekend. I'm embarassed to say how many dolls, Bitty babies and twins they have. Thankfully, we already have a Samantha. I thought I heard they were getting rid of Felecity a few years ago but she's still around. kara

  32. We have recently entered this horrible phase of our life! I bought my now 7 year old an american girl doll (look like me) for her birthday in september and I bought her the super cool bed and bedding to go with it. I also got her the doll that came with the dog so that was an added expense. I also bought jammies and a matching set for Sydney. IT is AWFUL because I have already boxed it ALL up and put it up in her closet. She is NOT ready to care for these super expensive ITEMS! ACK! My 8 year old ALSO Wants one. She wants the horse and foal to go with it. And the stable. One, my oldest daughter gets bored of things very quickly. She is a much more physically active girl vs. one to sit down and play with a doll and a toy horse. So, I do not know what to do now that Christmas is coming. Do I cave and get her the doll? Do I get her the other list of items she has been composing? We are headed to boston for Sydneys Cardiac procedures in early november and a store will be opening up there. I do not know when. My 8 year old wants to take the trip to NYC around her birthday for a doll or something. I dont know. It is HORRIBLE... It is expensive. They do not care for their items the way they should. What do I do? What would you suggest? I never had one. They are not in to the books? Do I have her work towards one? My 7 year old, I told her for her birthday she could have a party or get a gift... she chose gift. That is the ONLY Reason she got the doll and accessories. Do I make my 8 year old earn the money as you did? We browse the American Girl Catalogs like it is crack. We stalk the mailbox in hopes a new one will be in there... it is a FEVER and it only began when some little girl Leslie made fun of my daughter last year at indoor recess because She didnt have an American Girl Doll...
    ok, that was a RANT...

  33. I guess I am showing my age but I had cabbage patch kids. I never even knew about AG dolls until my niece got a Bitty baby for Christmas several years ago. She has Julie now. My other two nieces are getting AG dolls for Christmas. Claire very well may not be interested in dolls. Right now she just wants to play with trucks and hot wheels. :)

    twosweetpeas (jan 08)

  34. Never had one...but boy did I want Molly. My daughte Abigail...2 on 10/10 has a bitty baby that I got her last spring. She loves it.

    I may need to get a Samanthat. Thanks for the info!


  35. How can they retired Samantha? Nooo. I was looking forward to sharing the American Girl series - all of them, but especially Kirsten & Samantha - with my daughter when she gets older!

    I never had an American girl doll - because like yours - mine were too smart to pay that much. But Kirsten was my favorite.

  36. I'm too "old" for American Girl dolls, but when Cabbage Patch Kids came out, I waited for like 6 weeks on a wait list to get one. Then I wanted another one but they were like $100 or something...(which $100 for a doll NOW is crazy).

    Anyway, just wait a few more years until Oce is big enough to like AG. They'll bring it all back. My kiddos are totally into CPK and Strawberry Shortcake. It must be a marketing genius thing. Bring back all the toys your Mommy loved as a kid and she'll NEVER resist buying them for you. Plus you can totally get CPKs now for like $20.

    LOL...retired. Old. I'm 31. But I am "retired." Retired to a stay at home Mommy. Due 4/2 just like you!!!

  37. Oh man, I wanted one SO BAD growing up...Samantha and Molly were my favorites. I never got one, but I remember looking through that catalog all the time and dreaming of the day when one of those dolls would be mine. The accessories were so awesome, too.

  38. I had a Cabbage Patch doll..they were all the rage. My daughter, Elizabeth owns 3(!) American Girl dolls. She owns the look-alike one, her first, from her Grammie, then of course she had to get Elizabeth. Then last Christmas she WON Julie in a drawing at a local toy store. They called us on Christmas Eve morning and we went and picked her up and had so much fun getting pics taken by the store and all. I HIGHLY recommend Bitty Baby for those of you with little girls...she is the best doll and has so many fun clothes etc.

  39. I wanted one sooooooooooooo badly. We did read the books and Kirsten was my favorite!! haha!! Gosh, that makes me feel old...

  40. Hi Susie!

    I have been following your blog for a little while, but this is the first time I have commented.

    I have/had a Molly doll. I had tons of her accessories, including her bed, trunk, school desk, etc. It is all packed away at my mom's. She is saving them for her grandchildren.

    I also got a Bitty Baby. It was seriously the best doll I had. I would definitely recommend it.

    My sister has/had a Samantha doll. I'll have to tell her the news - she (or my mom) could possibly get big bucks for her one day!


  41. Yeah, American Girl must have been after my doll years...I was a Cabbage Patch girl.

    I happen to really, really dislike American Girl in fact! Hahah. They have a ginormous store in downtown Chicago and it's just swarming with craziness. I can't even describe it. It's like out of a creep sci-fi movie with a bunch of moms with their daughters clasping a doll that looks EXACTLY like them right down to the clothes. I just see it as really gross consumerism, abusing literacy and children in order to make more money, and generally squashing imagination. And, my god how expensive!

    Wow...I didn't realise how much I really don't like that store! Hahaha.

  42. Hi Susie! Daily reader, sometime poster!

    Between my two girls, we have all the historic AG Dolls. My Dad made beds and my Mom sewed matching clothes. My girls (in college now) still love their AG dolls and "display them"!!!

    As a homeschool Mom, one of my best ideas involved AG. In 5th grade, I assigned each girl to choose and research a time period and create their own "Girl." Olivia (an Irish immigrant during the Potato Famine)and Kim (A vietnamese girl during the 60's) became a part of our lives that year as the girls wrote 6 corresponding books for them. I ordered the "Look like me" dolls to match their girls and we sewed clothes for them. I still have their books and illustrations and they still love their dolls.

    Samantha, Kirsten and Molly are my favorites so I'm sad about Samantha. When Mattel bought out AG, things did change. But the AG store is AMAZING. Go if you ever get the chance. :)

    Karen in TN

  43. I never owned Samantha, I wanted Addy and Bitty Baby instead, but she was one of my favorites. Her accessories were the best by far!

    My daughter is only 5 right now and I've been debating at what point I should give her all of my stuff but so far I feel like she's still too irresponsible.

    I'd love for her to have her own American Girl doll but after hearing about the companies affiliation with Girls Inc (a liberal organization supporting abortion and a young girls right to sexual identity and birth control) I feel it's best we avoid giving them any money. I love their stuff but I won't support that cause.

  44. HeatherinRochesterOctober 16, 2008 at 3:02 PM

    I had Samantha, Addy, and a look-like-me doll (that pretty much looked IDENTICAL to my Samantha-lol). I got them for christmas as my ONLY gift. my sister had molly and kristen. we LOVED them. i wish i still had them....somehow they were given away when i got older. boohoo. i would love to have them to pass on to my girls someday. ah well. but i am sad to hear that samantha will be retiring.....makes me feel old! (im 25)

  45. My daughter who is 7, has three AG dolls, Kit, Nicki, and a Just Like Me doll. I like to think of the dolls as more of an investment. That way I can justify the expense a little more! When I read your post, I told my daughter about AG retiring Samantha and she was SO upset! She can't understand why they would do this. She wants to know what other girls are going to do when they read about Samantha and see the movie but can't play with the doll. So sad! Guess what is on the top of her Christmas list now? Yup, Samantha. Guess she'll have four dolls soon!

  46. When they came out I was 11 and got Samantha from a wealthy relative. I soon grew out of the doll stage. I love the books! When I taught 2nd grade we read the Addy books, the boys loved the stories as much as the girls. If we had a girl we considered the name Addy( me secretly in her honor). We have a boy though so no Amreican Girl dolls in my future yet!

  47. wow, you get a lot of comments.

    I read all the American Girl books (from the Lima library), back when there was only 5 of them. I noticed recently that there a whole bunch more American Girl characters.

    I had some of the paper dolls... but never a real American Girl Doll. I had porcoline dolls, but I'm not sure what the point is of having pretty dolls you can't play with...

  48. I am 26. When I was about 4 or 5, I had to have a "big" Cabbage Patch doll. I got that for Christmas. Then when I was in 1st grade, my teacher introduced us to the American Girl books. She read Happy Birthday Samantha, Kirsten Learns a Lesson, and Molly's Surprise to our class. I liked Samantha the best and finally got one for Christmas when I was in 4th grade. I got a blond haired modern doll several years later (looks like Kirsten), and then bought Nellie at the AG store a few years ago shortly after she came out. I still have all three dolls. Samantha needs a new head, but I have all the outfits ever made for her except for 4 of them. Nellie is in new condition. That is so sad that they are retiring Samantha & Nellie! Samantha was such a huge part of my childhood.