Monday, September 29, 2008

What has possessed me?

Oceana's pregnancy.

I'm gonna need therapy after posting a few of these.

Christmas - so I was 5 1/2 months pregnant. Not too bad, but I remember feeling awkward - sort of flubby and not fitting any maternity clothes, but not fitting any normal clothes anymore either.

Ooh! Pruitt family - see the work of art on the back of the couch? That's Carl's blanket!

Somewhere in early March - so 8 months pregnant.
Who makes maternity clothes with horizontal stripes? It's a conspiracy, I'm telling you!

Like how the fridge, bedroom door, and TV are in one shot/ Can you see the backdoor behind me? Yes, the house was that small. The fridge lined up with the wall of the bathroom. And that was the end of the apartment. Those two rooms and bathroom were all of it. Tiny I say! Tiny!

Ugh. I had a banquet at 9 months pregnant. I know I know - "Oh Susie you're all belly!" an dthis shot's actually not too bad. But a friend of mine posted anothe from the night on his facebook and I about died. I was like Porky big from the front. ALWAYS take flattering shots if you can - even if they're lying!

Flame Belly - I think that's what my friend Mrs Haggie calls it. Oh geez. This is the night before Oceana was born.

I could barely move. I was so huge.

Again: Pruitts: Carl's picture's on the fridge an dI think that's somethign the girls made - the Steelers symbol. Can't think who else would have made it.

Oh, and that green paper on the fridge? That's from school. I was still 3 weeks from graduating - trying to fill out the last of the paperwork for requirements and stuff. *Glurg*.

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  1. Wow! What big news! Congratulations! Goodness, I don't check your blog for one measely weekend because I'm out and about and look what I miss!

    I would really love to give you a gift for your new baby, but I don't want to spam here on your blog. I'd love to give you two patterns, my PooPockets diaper pattern and one other of your choice, though I highly recommend Baby Essentials. You can find my email addy on my blog by looking at my profile, or read the beginning of my blog to see "What I Do" to find a link to my business. Baby Essentials is the pattern I'd hoped to give you for Joshua so you could make him things that would fit, but I didn't think of it soon enough.

    I think that you will have your baby before I have mine.

    Congratulations again. I'm also very happy that you've gotten the peace of mind you needed concerning this baby's health.

    Enjoy! Say, are you going to have a homebirth? I highly recommend it.

  2. Isn't it just terrible... what being pregnant does to a womans body? I was huge with my pregnancies (all of them & it got worse each time) just like you with Oceana. The girl that cuts my hair is having twins... she has 10 weeks left and she is gigantic. I just don't see how a person does more than two. Check here to see this amazing lady... 5 babies at once!!??!! []
    Seeing her makes me so very grateful that one at a time was my style.

  3. Oh, my gosh, Susie! You are my favorite blogger. Really, you are. You were not huge at all! You looked so cute! Thanks for posting those! Do you add people from the blog onto your facebook, or is that real life friends only?

  4. wow... all those blogs were great... i laughed, and Miles was like "funny??" and i was like "funnny.." hehe

  5. Oh my GOSH, Susie! Some of us don't check our email or our favorite blogs on the weekend!!! And then we sit in front of our computers on Monday morning with our cup of coffee and just about fall out of our chairs because we finally have a chance to catch up on the weekend with the Sams family.

    CONGRATULATIONS! I am so excited for you and Matt and Oceana!

    I have to confess, I've been mostly a quiet blog watcher with you guys for awhile, but this is so exciting! Thanks for answering some of the questions that popped into my head before I even had to ask.

    And by the way, there is NOTHING wrong with being proud of finally cleaning a toilet (says the young mom with a toilet of her own that is currently too intimidating to clean). =)

    We can't wait to keep up with the goings-on in your family - and now I'll have to be checking on the weekends! =)

    Windsor, CA

  6. those pictures are cute! I was huge too :)

  7. Awww I remember you little tiny apt when we came to see oce when she was a little tiny thing!

  8. Hi Susie! I am a lurker, too, though I don't remember if I've posted before. Congrats on your pregnancy! Very exciting.

    My husband and I are fellow EBI'ers. I graduated in '02 (the 3 year program) and my husband just completed a year this past April. So yes, he was a married student and we have two little boys. We lived in the married apartments. :)

    I was wondering if you lived in the married apts. when you were at EBI. You mentioned how small your place was and I wondered if that was it.

    Congratulations and I really enjoy reading your posts. I look forward to reading much more as baby Sams continues to grow.

  9. Wow--I go away for two days and you post fifteen times =).


    You're right: Don't worry about what the rest of us think, and enjoy your "time on the inside." I can only imagine that this must be a bittersweet time for you guys. I'm glad you're excited, and glad you're feeling better.

  10. Susie and Family,
    CONGRATS on your new LO!!!!
    I am a daily reader who never posts.
    When I first saw your pic....I was thinking third time? Nah must be an old pic of the other two.
    It's hard but we must think of the beautiful baby we are growing inside and not all the weight we are gaining. Even if it is GOOD going down!

    Congrats Again!!!!

    (BF) mama_to_4

  11. Flame Belly...gotta love it! When I was preggo with DS my little brother became very concerened while changing my shirt in front of him (he was only 5 at the time) and asked why I had scratches all over my belly...thanks Kristopher =(. Being a mom is so worth it though...I just wish the flames didn't enable the muffin top so much. *Ugh*