Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I wrote a post. I posted it. I posted it as my internet went out for 10 minutes (due largely to the fact that the internet shorts out when we answer our handheld home phone - the only one we have).

I have to make dinner soon. But the next post is about Oceana and her shoes. Hold me to it!


  1. K!!! WE ARE WAITING....
    (sounds like a prego moment to me)
    lol :)
    we all know how it goes!!!
    hormones, hormones, hormones
    (oops - i wasn't supposed to say that out loud)
    I mean that darn internet
    Hhhhhh! :)
    love ya, just teasing!

  2. okay.. our phone does the same dumb thing! What's up with that? I don't get the connection.

    My Nik Nik has the same horrendous crocs... only bright pink and still too big to stay on her feet. She doesn't care.

  3. Our phone did that and so I asked my dad about it (he is in IT) and he told me that it is the frequency that the cordless phone gives off that clashes with the frequency of the wireless internet. We got a new phone and haven't hand an issue since.