Monday, September 29, 2008

The remains...

Someone requested pictures of my pregnancy with Oceana.

Before I put those forward, I thought I'd show you the 30-minutes-after shot from both. Please disregard Matt's horrendous facial hair in the first one. I'm pleading with him to never repeat that!

60lbs + 7lbs baby

28lbs + 6lbs baby

Aren't hospital gowns pretty?

Now do you believe me? I did gain a lot of weight....

And don't go telling me that it was my IV that made me puff up like that. Because with Oceana I was on an IV for 4 hours, and Joshua I was on for 7 hours. So by logic (since it was the same drug in the IV) I should have looked puffier with Joshua...

I was just that big. Hahahaha!

Is it me or do I look extremely young in the first? I'm 20 in the first, 22 in the second.

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  1. You crack me up! You look gorgeous in both pix! Also, you ARE young! lol, aren't you supposed to be young when you have your babies so that you can enjoy them & run around w/ them?

  2. It's always funny how COMPLETELY different each pregnancy and each child are... I have 4 children-- all totally different preganancies, weight gains, births, attitudes, children etc.... but, I guess that's what makes life interesting!! hehe....good luck with this pregnancy!!

  3. Yes, you look extremely young. That's because you ARE extremely young silly!

    I love happy brand new parent faces--ecstatic and stunned all at once.

  4. Oh Susie you look great! but I too gained more from Josiah than with Elijah...

  5. I live in Houston, and wasnt able to check out your blog while we were without power for two weeks! i was so happy to check it today and see your good news! Congratulations! I will add your new bundle of joy to my prayers! god bless!