Sunday, September 28, 2008


The problem with the first trimester is the lack of energy x the nausea factor.

And as of a few days ago I'm officially out of it. It shows too. I hope that nesting thing kicks in like... tomorrow. Because 2 months of being tired and/or rotten has take its toll on my home. It's not that bad really, it's just that I haven't had the energy to attack some of it.

It became apparent to me when my mother mentioned the quilt in the laundry room that hasn't been washed. I took it off Oceana's bed to wash it and it's been sitting there ever since - probably about a month. (Oops). I forgot about it, and/or ignored it. I've been doing the stuff that I need to do, but not much else. Cook, wash dishes, wash laundry, occasionally vacuum under duress. That's it. Well, there's a few other things that need doing in a day!

Last week I made a big deal out of the fact that my toilet was finally clean. Ew. I wish I hadn't admitted that. But it's true!

But last night it finally hit. I was sure I wouldn't feel great. We went out to dinner and my pregnant tummy did it's usual business. The description of the meal looked really yummy. It came, it still looked yummy. Halfway through I decided I wasn't so fond the lettuce, so out it came. And then I decided I didn't want to pineapple, so out it came too. I finished it, but by the end of the it I wasn't so sure I had liked it. I thought that when I got home I'd get a queasy stomach and end up on the couch the rest of the night.

Instead! I hit clean mode! I purged our room and Oceana's. I've been washing and folding laundry, but not putting things away or taking care of "worn, but not dirty" clothes for literally weeks. It's been bad. Every morning I had to rummage through clean laundry for a pair of underwear. Like getting dressed recently hasn't been hard enough! (Remember, I was working really hard to hide that bump! Ak! Complicated!)
The "Worn, but not dirty" stuff got taken care of, the "Folded, but not put away" got put away. I even managed to get out "The BOX". Do you have "The BOX"? It's the one labelled, 'Susie Sams, Pre Pregnancy Clothes". And I reloaded it for the 3rd time. I had pulled out some of my tiny stuff a while ago to help "prod?" myself into them. Well, that didn't work. So they have no purpose in being out of the box. And then there's the stuff that just simply isn't comfortable - so in the box it goes.

I had a hormonal moment too (well, a few of them...Poor Matt) and threw out some stuff too. I literally uttered the words, "Ugh. I hate that!" to some of my clothing. ??? Hormones ???

This morning 3 loads of laundry went out. 3 loads of laundry from Saturday came in from the line. (Yeah, that's the kind of energy I have - laundry's on the line for parts of 3 days!) It's folded. It's now awaiting transport. I will put it away though. I refuse to start this cycle again so soon.

Next on the list. Dishes. Make playdough (I promised to make some the other day when Oceana wanted $4 playdough from KMart). Make french bread for dinner or the freezer (can't make up my mind). Ooh. And maybe just maybe vacuum. I let Oceana get creative. My mother said it's payback for all my creative disasters over the years. There are paper scraps and crayon paper shreds everywhere. I'd take a picture, but I forgot the camera's in the car at work. Oops.

I have a theory about pregnancy. "Do the work while you feel good, so you don't feel so bad when you feel bad and don't do it." It's twin is, "Eat while you feel good, so when you can't eat you're not so worried." Of coures the 2nd one will get you in more trouble.

Just for the record.

Oceana +67lbs (25kg)
Joshua +35lbs (16kg)

I have no intention of doing a repeat of Oceana. But I know what happened there. Subway, pizza, Chinese takeout, and Wendy's drivethrough happened. Goodness gracious. I was a house...


  1. Can I just say you are so beautiful! Your spirit shines so brightly. I am so happy for your new baby bump!
    I also wanted to thank you for being so open in your blog. Your honesty is refreshing and I love to "peep" in on your family.
    Can't wait to see more pics of you pregnant and follow what you're up to.
    I was one of those sick mommas my entire pregnacy. I even threw up during my labor. YUCK!! I agree on the clean and eat while you can!
    Take care,

  2. You are such a tiny thing...
    i would have never guessed your pregnancy weight gains. I gained more & more each pregnancy, but you managed to gain less your second. Good for you. The cravings are hard to deal with especially if it happens to be m&m's(like me).

  3. I always cheer for a clean toilet!! (And I have NO excuse besides my own laziness.)

  4. Do you care to rub off your cleaning onto me? Sheesh..I need one of those moments. Ya, with Samuel I gained too much. Wendy's drive through was my new best friend. Not this time! (probably doesn't hurt that if I saw a burger I'd probably lose it.) Love ya!

  5. Hi my name is Annette from Wyandotte MI. I am 24 Im married to Dale 32 for going on 3 years and we have a baby boy named Louis 11 months. Congrats on your HAPPY HAPPY news!!!! I first read your blog after my neice sent a prayer request bulletin on myspace on the eve of your beautiful sons passing to be with Jesus. I have been following your blog ever since. I love it when you blog about your house work because i feel the exact same way! I feel its never ending and we just have too much pointless crap especially laundry which is gonna take over me one day!LOL. I think you are one heck of an amazing woman and have been wanting to tell you that for soo long but my dumb butt couldnt figure out how to leave a comment! Duh click on the word comment Annette. Geez. Ne way im just glad to have figured it out. YAY!!! i knew there had to be a way. I swear i searched ur page daily incase i missed something. I wonder if neone else had that problem? Well hope to keep in touch take care of yourself, You and your family are in my daily prayers
    God Bless, Annette

  6. We've seen pictures of you pregnant with Josh, but not of Oceana, right? can you post some, pllllease?!

  7. I Loved that stage where you finally have energy & if I'm honest so did DH! lol!! I would never have guessed your weight gains. You look great in your photos.

  8. First of all Steve read your comment about 20+ years and he practically gave the screen a hi-5! (he tells her she can't 'talk' to boys till she's 35! He's crazy!!! (just being a daddy, I know)

    NOW ABOUT THAT HOUSE!!! I wish I got at least a tad of your drive & determination to "GET IT DONE" I've been so out of it that Steve went into Capt. Clean Mode again... poor guy - today (sunday) while we watched football I snuggled under a blanket & he folded laundry.
    "DON'T OVER DO IT - TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF K!" (okay that was my mother hen mode kicking in - but seriously take it easy K)
    LOVE YA! SAY HELLO TO MATT & Post a pic of Oceana real soon!

  9. Oh yeah.... 60....lbs. You were still a skinny minny. :)

    I gained a whole nother person with my 1st. My second I gained 25lbs. He was the preemie.

    As for WHY...... my 1st was my "I want to eat EVERYTHING in sight."
    Slim Jims and Icee. Slaw Dog from Dairy Queen every night for the 1st 3 months. Not to mention the sweet and sour tart candies. I was sooooo bad. I was put on complete bedrest the last 4 months of my 1st pregnancy and after the 16week with my second pregnancy.

    You are doing GREAT. It's so funny how I get so excited to hear about you and the "babies". I am really thrilled for you and hubby and little Oceana.

    Now to play doh. Do you have a recipe?" I've wanted to make some for my great niece. Just curious.

    Have a Great Day.

    God Bless
    Sonja -FL

  10. You never know how much you will gain. I gained a tone with my first three, and somehow only gained 22 pounds with my fourth. But I ate the same stuff with all four. So you never know.

    And can I just say how freakin' ECSTATIC I am for you guys!?

    ~Rose S (I'm the one who made the video for your family.)