Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Wednesday morning

After Stretch & Grow (the teen mum's group I help at) I took Oceana to the office. Matt wasn't feeling well today and had forgotten his cellphone charger. He needed tolerated visitors. And you may have noticed the diaper in the photo above. Nope, you're not wrong. That little sneak peed on the floor. In the office. In reception. In front of the office administrator. Two feet from the bathroom. And I was sitting right there.

Grr doesn't begin to express my displease. However, she's going to have accidents, we're only 4 weeks into this underwear scenario, and she gets grace. Of course I don't get grace if I pee on the floor. No matter what my excuse is.

Not that I've ever done that....

Anyways, she and Samuel, the son of another office worker went outside to play. You would think these two were the same age. Actually Samuel's 5 and is already homeschooling - but Oceana rolled along like they were the best of friends. They made some mess; rocks, dirt, water. That's where the momma in me got nervous. Oh no, not water! Please! That's not worth the hassle! But it's a nice day today and she didn't come home wet. Well, so to speak. The undies and skirt certainly did.

Anyways. All that to share a picture with you.

And I could have just posted the picture!


Note to self and anyone interested: Tomorrow is Wordless Wednesday with a Twist (actually it's today, but I get a grace day!). If you haven't taken photos like me then hurry up already! I have more than one idea and can't decide, or at least that's the story I'll tell. I'm not sure if I can pull off my favourite idea. You'll see tomorrow. I'll tell if it's "my favourite idea" or not. If it's not fantastic, it probably isn't. How's that for modesty? Ha!

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  1. Shannon over at Rocks in My Dryer has a fabulous post on potty training:

    She might have some ideas you can use.

  2. Can you teach me how to do that cross out a word thing? Awesome.
    no matter how well you think they are trained...
    they are gonna surprise you.

  3. Thanks for sharing the blog knowledge... i need to use the 'google' better.

    U R awesome Susie!


  4. Oh dear... what awful timing :/
    It looks like she's having a blast with her new bff though ;)

  5. Hey, I havent commented in a while- I feel like such a neglegent blog reader. Sorry : ) lol. Im curious about this Wordless Wednesday... Is it something I can get in on or what is it?? I love taking pictures so it would be nice to have specific goals to try and do . As for potty training. Its a long hard road- My boy has been trained for almost a year and peed his pants while we were driving yesterday!? I had to buy new pants and everything because we were no where near home ... of course.lol.

  6. Hello, I'm relatively new to your blog. :)

    I just wanted to say that... I work at the library here (San Jose, California) and we had a drunk homeless customer pee on our floor a few weeks ago. It was disgusting. So compared to that, Oceana? Not so bad. :)

    Take care.

  7. I have to admit that I sat back chuckling & while I would love another baby I'm still very grateful that we are done. The best news is that someday you'll be able to look back on this & chuckle too!

  8. Don't feel too bad. My 3 1/2 year old peed his pants at my 5 yr olds open house at school tonight :P Niiiice! (For the record, he hasn't done that in ages and ages. They always choose the best timing!)

    And besides, Oceana is so cute she can get away with it ;)

  9. My first born had a wet through and peed all over the office floor of one of our state representatives while my sister and I were there pleading the case of families with special needs children who need better funding in our state. Yeah. That's gonna get the money rollin'.