Monday, September 15, 2008

Lucky Shot

One of my favourites

My favourite

They both make me happy. I got the elements I wanted in the photo. The issue then becomes getting my parents not to squint. Granted, it's sunny, and that's not good for photos. But my mother in particular is a chronic squinter. So I have a lot of bad photos - because of the squint-facial-contortionisms.

But these two made me happy.

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  1. Susie these pictures are great! I love the way you used the richness of the sky and water as a backdrop. I'm personally a studio photography hater, when people want us to use backdrops I think they're insane, nature brings out the best in every picture.

    Your parents look great, you're lucky you can get pictures of them. My mom has let me get exactly 7 pictures of her prior to our wedding, zero since. My dad has this cheesy cartoon like smile he likes to make in all his pictures, it's him, but it leads to squinting and funny faces, which are not always the pictures you want to frame.

  2. I love your mom in pink - she looks beautiful.

    I'm glad you found some photos you were happy with! Digital is awesome, isn't it? You can take 472 pictures to get a 5 good ones.... AND THAT'S OKAY! I love it.


  3. I like the way the pictures turned out. The first one looks more formal and the second casual. Very nice. I like how you captured the ship and the water.

  4. We were on the Disney cruise this last week, and I heard one of the photographers using a little trick to avoid the squint, as the group was facing into the sun. He told the little girl in the group to close her eyes and he would count,and when he got to 3, to open them. Might work if you've got subjects facing into the sun again.