Sunday, September 7, 2008


I thought I hadn't taken many photos lately. Turns out I just wasn't downloading them. 250 pictures later, I found some pretty awesome stuff to blog with.

Dropping Melody off for her trip to the airport. IT was a long day for me, thus the fact that most of the photos look tired. Ha! I was, that's why they look tired.

Mayor Island through sawgrass.

Pretty cool, huh? Mel was making fun of me for my "creativity stuff". :p

Any given time. Any given day. This is how and where you will find me. Unfortunately this day included sweats and a slightly messy house. See that shirt there on the back of the couch, it stayed there until my husband took it upstairs after he wore it. Serves me right for leaving my clothes out where my skinny husband can get to them. And I mean the black one, not the pink one. You won't catch my hubby dead in pink. He just can't do it.

What did your church look like this morning? Here's ours. Think I'm kidding don't ya? NZ Father's Day is September 7th, instead of in June like it is in the US. Today our church had minibikes, motorcycles/motorbikes/a formula 1 racecar, 2 pimped cars (one had a tv screen in the trunk like on Pimp My Ride, a classic car, a brand new Holden Colorado, a speedboat in the church sanctuary, a Ducati in the entryway, three barbeques, sports bloopers projected on the entryway stairwell and on the mainstage, a DIY competition, a publicized Father of the Year Award, and 2 story inflatable slide for all ages.

What does your church look like? Haha, Bob Clarkson, our Tauranga MP (Member of Parliament) said, "Wow, church should be like this all the time. Who has minibike races in the sanctuary?"

How do you like Matt's superman impression? He may be nearly 25, but he's still a kid at heart! Mom Sams, I can see why you didn't want him playing football, he's too daring.... Ak! After watching the sports bloopers he wanted to get back into BMXing. I'm thinking, "You just watched people break their spines on BMX bikes and you want to GO BACK TO IT?"

Guys minds work slightly different to girls, dont' they?

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  1. Great pictures! That one of Matt is amazing! Talk about an action shot!

  2. Oh my gosh! Did he go the whole way down like that? Yes, we had our share of trips to the doctors and emergency rooms and I don't think you ever get used to it. It is nerve racking to get that phone call to meet them at the hospital. Although sounds like a pretty cool Father's Day. Happy Father's Day, Matt!

  3. What a blast it looks like they all had! Fun to honor "our" fathers in such a creative fashion. Cheers!

  4. Wow Susie, looking at the photo of you on the couch with Oce and the laptop, all I can see when I look at you is Joshua. Even the way you are holding you hand. Amazing....