Sunday, September 7, 2008


It was sunny that day

It's certainly not sunny today.

In fact, it's downright icky. It's a good day to stay inside, bake something yummy, and watch a movie or reading a book.

*This is of course ignoring the fact that I should and will be writing for our magazine, and potty training.*

It all has to happen today, but ~oh the days~ of nil responsibility....

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  1. heyy friend! That fathers day looked pretty awesome, and crazy fun! Hey, have you gotten the gift in the mail yet?I hope it arrived safely! eek! We need to catch up BIG time, we are both busy beavers, lol, hmmmm not the greatest picture. Miles has pooped one small m&m size poo poo in the potty and thats it... yeahh, i think i;'ll buy diapers forever, hsaha...