Friday, July 4, 2008

Them two cuties

Like I've mentioned before, my sister's boyfriend Dahvede is staying with us for a few weeks. It makes for a cramped household - 3 bedrooms, 4 adults, and a baby. Our house has three bedrooms, but the living area's not exactly huge. It's okay, but it's an adjustment. It means that Oceana was a crazy person last night - since Dahv had just arrived and she was showing off.... or something. It was nuts!

They're very cute. And Dahv's a lot like Matt (in some ways). Matt and Dahv are both analytical, and Havie and I are creative. Which means that during a game of Rummy Havalah and I will get distracted with the TV show repeatedly and lose gloriously to the two boys. We finally gave up after Matt took at lead of 200pts! But then again, those boys can't sew.... so that's okay. Havie and I can whip you up a dress - those boys will do your taxes - very well. Oh well, yay for men who know lots of stuff and can rattle off numbers. And yay for girls who can decorate and bake and pop out babies. :) Well, I guess I'm the only one who can claim that title, but I'm sure Havie will eventually. *However, Dahv, if you read this, I'm not trying to SAY anything. Relax Mr-I'm-Only-20*

Still no happenings on the car front. Only that we're going to have our friend "Steve the Mechanic" check out our car today, since the handbrake/emergency brake has been acting up lately. We do our best not to park on hills (just in case it decides to boycott), but we want to be sure it's safe until we find ourselves a new-to-us car.


I'm off for now, we're going to a friend's for lunch and then Havie and I are going to a baby shower I'm throwing for a friend. I'm giving away Joshua's nappies today. I'm okay with it. I wasn't ready before this, but I think I am now.



  1. You are the cutest thing EVER. I love reading your posts!!!

    I am so pleased that you are OK with giving up the diapers...that is a HUGE step. Good for you!!

    Hugs and prayers,

  2. Your house sounds crazy and fun!

    Can I come over? :)

    (My mom did teach me not to invite myself to other people's houses, but it just sounds like so much fun at yours I couldn't help myself. But I didn't want to embarrass my mom or anything with my bad manners. Hence the explanation.)



  3. Yea! Welcome Dahv!!! Finally some male fellowship for Matt. Nothing against the girls..they are the best, but a guy sure love some companionship.