Saturday, July 5, 2008

An Uh Oh Moment

You know the ones. The moment where you realize something, or are told something and your heart goes 'NO!' because you just don't want to deal with it.

Matt came in last night, he'd been at church watching New Zealand tromp South Africa and he'd gotten a call from Joanne. Joanne left work for the last 6 weeks of her pregnancy, and she was 2 weeks overdue when she had her daughter on Tuesday! Basically, it's Matt's job right now, and she's taken a nice break. But the people she'd been in contact with only had her cell phone, because they normally call Matt at the office. So when there was a problem they had no choice but to call sleep deprived Joanne!

The team who was going on the next outreach had their flight get cancelled because of bad weather. The flight was on Saturday afternoon or evening, and now there's not another one until THURSDAY! It's probably because the flights are fully booked, since the school holidays just started Friday afternoon and everyone's trying to get away.

I went to sleep before there was a resolution last night, and Matt said nothing happened last night anyways. We don't know what's happening for this poor team. I'm feeling really bad for them, since they've planned this for over a year and have been fundraising like mad. I can only imagine the tears of frustration going on. This was a young team - a lot of teenagers - so it would have been really exciting for them.

If you're a praying type, please pray the team finds a good resolution, and can still go on their outreach.

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