Thursday, July 3, 2008

It's Real Life - The Bedroom (G-Rated) **ETA**

Farm Fresh's "It's Real Life" photofest today. I missed last weeks and was rather bummed. So I took this opportunity to run upstairs and take the pictures, when I realized it was upon me again, and I'd forgotten. So here's what's going on in real life. Now maybe you'll believe me when I say I'm messy. Cluttered really. :)

What's under your bed? Yeesh. Not allowed to spruce? Really? Ouch. That's my skarf where I dropped it last night, Matt's Wii box, the external hardrive, some scrapbooking stuff, and a shoebox with (if I remember correctly) random junk in it. And the blanket hanging off the side of the bed because (as you'll see later) it's not made.

What's in and on your dresser?

You're kidding right? I share with Matt, so the drawer on the right is his, the bottom two are his too. Mine are those two with bright colors hanging out. I hang everything else up except pants/jeans which have a crate-type-thing they go into in the closet. Don't ask me why I don't use the empty dresser next to this. I'm crazy. On top - oh good grief. Pictures, papers, the orange things are fingerless gloves, lotions and various bottles of unmentionable stuff. I only moved one thing because I'm just not fond of having THAT label all over the internet. My mother checks this website people!!! The wine glass... lest you think I'm getting drunk in my bedroom. I found Oceana with that.... upstairs... far away from the kitchen. I don't know. I remember last week Havie and I were drinking Coke Zero from wine glasses because nothing else was clean. I know. Shut up.

What's on your nightstand?

L-R: The clock, the lamp, Matt's book from Promise Keeper's "Husbands and Fathers", the speakers that we plug into the iPod, Joshua's (empty) photo album - the other albums are full, but I like the blue box it came in, and Joshua ashes ***ETA: In the white, ceramic teddy bear***. I know some of you may find this odd. But we aren't sure where we'll end up long term, and I can't handle "leaving" my baby behind. So for now, he's on our (dresser height) night stand. That's his blankets behind the bear, and under everything too. I like having him so close to us.

Decorations and pictures in your room?

Never mind Joshua's pack of nappies, those are going to a friend tomorrow. I couldn't handle giving them away before now. I gave away the formula because I knew it would go to waste if it wasn't used quickly, but the nappies... I wasn't ready. That's our wedding picture behind it. The blue boxes are Joshua's hand and foot molds. The bags and stars are Fijian flax - handwoven! L-R: bag, star, bag, fan. Those fans are what people use for AC at church. Very cute to see 50 ladies waving those. I was so hot in Fijian church that my legs were stinking to the pew. Ew.

Our bed wasn't on the list, but I figured I'd be honest. That's one of Oceana's Cinderella pillowcases - and Matt's using it. *Shhhhh.....* Nope, not made. I know. Oh, and it's a double mattress on a queen size frame. That's annoying.

What do you love about your room?

This closet. Our last place had a pretty small closet. So I was thrilled with this one. And the door is easy to open, unlike the last one. The shelves are easy to reach, and though it may be hard to see, it does recess back. So there's room for a few boxes and the blue thing you see in the foreground is that crate for all my pants and jeans.

What do you hate about your room?

This. Matt's weight bench. We don't have an extra room. We don't have a garage. Nothing big enough for this. So it's either our bedroom or the living room. But it takes up all the room because it's just an awkward piece of equipment. Oceana thinks its great fun though. Oh well.

And last, what do you sleep in?

I showed your our bed already, but here's what I sleep in. I know, seriously? No, actually - minus the two sweatshirts. But I did sleep in my socks, yoga pants, two tank tops, and long sleeve shirt. When I got up I threw on two sweatshirts. No, I'm not a woos. Yes, it is that cold. And Oce sleeps in that adorable footed sleeper!

And what makes you room uniquely you?

I think it's pretty clear that all of Joshua's things are what make it uniquely "Us", but that duvet cover on our bed is pretty clearly us too. Matt's favorite color is blue, and for me it's 2nd, so it's a good color for us. He bought that (if I remember correctly). It matched great at the last house, which had blue walls and cream curtains. But now we have navy curtains and red walls. Oh geez - who did that to this poor room?
Unique: Joshua. Also, I love decorating, but have no umph to make it happen. Well, if I had pottery barn and a lot of $$ my room would look great too....


  1. Hello, this is my first comment on your blog although I have been a long time reader. Our rooms look remarkably similar! Even down to the unmade bed :) Actually, mine is a little messier. And we don't have a weight bench! Thanks for posting some real life shots.

  2. I love the colors! And your room seems ENORMOUS!!! Very cool!

  3. I am so sorry about your little boy! But Jesus is holding him close and letting him know about his big sister and all the tears you cry and all the laughs you laugh!

  4. Sharing dresser and closet space in a tiny room with your hubby absolutely stinks! lol...I can't tell who has more stuff me or him...but....
    lol:) oh and you have a soooo cool closet!!! We had a closet like that at our last apartment *sigh*
    and the bed not made theory is you are gonna sleep in it anyway again right? lol...

  5. I really like the red you have in your room! Of course. :)

    Apparently my bedroom post is not G-rated, though I tried :)


  6. Susie,
    You mentioned Joshua's ashes being in the pic of your nightstand, but I didn't see anything that looked like that. Is the bear a jar that holds them? In the blue box on the table? Sorry..I'm just confused about what I was looking at I guess.

    And the red/white/blue theme in your room is perfect for me--tomorrow is the 4th of July!

  7. I love the red walls- and your children are precious. Both of them. :)

  8. Seriously--you are the only person who can make me laugh out loud and weep in the same post! And it's a bedroom post for goodness sakes!

    I love your room.

    If you get hubs to get rid of the weight bench let me know how you do it. Kevin hasn't used his in YEARS, but won't part w/ it. Sheesh.

  9. Stefanie HarriffJuly 9, 2008 at 8:47 AM

    You room looks a million times better than ours. We live out of laundry piles most the time, and our bed has been made maybe 4??times ever. When we were first married we had crazy schedules and Adam worked nights, so usually I was in bed when he got home, we slept together for like 4 hours, then I'd get up an go to work and he'd stay in bed another 5 or 6 hours (don't you loves guys who can sleep), so we never bothered making it, and now it's just that bad habit.

    P.S. Adam would be very jealous of the weight bench, he wants one and I keep putting it off cause of the space issue. Apartments aren't meant for weight benches.